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‘How We Were Paid N50 Million To Kill Apostle Suleman’: Suspects Confess

by NaijNaira
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‘How We Were Paid N50 Million To Kill Apostle Suleman’ Suspects Confess

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One of the individuals who was detained in connection with the attack on Apostle Johnson Suleman’s convoy has confessed that they were paid N50 million to carry out the assassination.

The suspect, Yusuf Isa, revealed in a video interview that his team used strategic measures to evade capture by security forces, relying on the Telegram platform for communication.

He claimed that divine intervention led to his arrest and expressed remorse for his actions, stating that he wished to personally apologize to the cleric.

Isa also mentioned that two of their leaders had died after the attack, and four gang members were still at large.

He said, “It is not easy for the Police Force to track us. We don’t make calls, the phone I am using I’ve never used it to call anybody. We specialised in using the Telegram platform to communicate with ourselves.

“Telegram uses username, not number, unlike WhatsApp. Even the line we are using to buy data, it is not a registered line. We did not register any line by ourselves, and we did not open any account with our own identity.

“I can only say that only God wanted to track me down because of the calibre of people we have assaulted.

“We wanted to kill him. Somebody planned it, but I don’t know the person. It was Labista and Eliazu. Labista is on the run, but Eliazu is dead.”

Mr Isah declined knowledge of who sponsored the attack but said his gang members told him they got N50 million to kill the cleric.

He said, “I just wish I could see him (the cleric) one on one to beg for forgiveness. I’m really sorry.”

He added that it has been “hell” for his gang members after the attack.

Isah said, “We lost two of our leaders. After Eliazu, the next leader, Ejima, also died. I am the next leader after Ejima. Now I have been arrested.”

The attack took place in October 2022 in Edo State, Nigeria, resulting in the deaths of seven people, including three police officers.

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