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I will be in private sector, not Tinubu’s chief of staff – El-Rufai

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I will be in private sector, not Tinubu's chief of staff - El-Rufai

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Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, has denied rumors that he is vying for the position of Chief of Staff in President-elect Bola Tinubu’s cabinet.

Speaking to reporters in Gombe, El-Rufai dismissed the reports as mere speculation and stated that he is more interested in contributing to Nigeria’s development than jostling for positions.

He emphasized that being in government is not the only way to contribute to the country’s progress and that he will continue to work towards Nigeria’s development even if he is not in government.

El-Rufai also stated that he will be taking a break from public office after leaving his current position and will be available to provide advice to those who need it.

He clarified that he will be working in the private sector and not as anyone’s chief of staff.

El-Rufai expressed confidence in Tinubu’s presidency and assured Nigerians that better days are ahead under his leadership.

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