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‘It’s all just a mess’: How phone alert exposed my secret affair – Wife laments

by NaijNaira
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'It's all just a mess' How phone alert exposed my secret affair - Wife laments

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A husband discovered that his wife was having an affair after the UK emergency alert system went off on her phone last Sunday leading to the “worst moment of her life.”

Speaking to the Mirror, 34-year-old Verity from Edinburgh was caught out by the alert which went off on her secret phone, which was hidden away from her husband but not on her normal phone, which she had with her.

The couple were painting their son’s bedroom when the alarm went off on her second phone, which she had tucked away in a coat pocket.

“I was sitting there on my ‘real’ phone looking at room inspiration and it didn’t go off, but my fricking second phone sounded like the world was about to end,” Verity recalled.

“I tried to play it dumb like ‘what’s that?! and fake trying to look for it whilst urgently trying to get downstairs before my husband, but he got downstairs quicker than me, found it in my coat pocket before I could hide it and then that was it, game over.”

“Confusion kicked in, then the questions started. My heart literally sank to my feet and I could feel my face flush so much it felt like it was literally burning like it would just melt off any second.

“I’m one of those people who can’t hide their emotions in the slightest like it’s all over my face what I think.

“There was no point even trying to lie. But I couldn’t find the words to say affair. So when he said ‘is there someone else?’ I just nodded and felt like I wanted to disappear. Worst moment of my life.”

Verity, who did not reveal her second name, admits that while she and her husband are still living together their life is now an “awkward mess” and isn’t sure how much longer her marriage will last.

She added that she strayed into the affair after feeling unappreciated at home and that it was purely for sexual reasons having used the website Illicit Encounters to chat with other men.

“My husband is everything, the father to our child. My lover was just this wild hobby that made me feel alive at the weekends. It was just an escape from all the stress of daily life. Our relationship was mainly sexual so we weren’t away with each other for long periods of time. We just really connected on that level.”

However, the revelations have left her in a difficult place with her own family also being upset about what has happened. Verity added: “If he ever forgives me… it’s still pretty raw and we’re still living together which is so awkward right now.

“He can’t even look at me…. it’s all just a mess.”

The emergency alert went off in the UK last Sunday, with millions receiving the 10 second alarm. However, millions also didn’t receive it with people on the Three network missing out.

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