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JAMB provides further proof of Ejikeme Mmesoma’s fraudulent UTME result

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JAMB provides further proof of Ejikeme Mmesoma's fraudulent UTME result

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has provided further evidence to support the claim that Ejikeme Mmesoma fabricated her UTME result.

According to JAMB spokesperson Fabian Benjamin, Mmesoma’s result was edited and does not match the records in their database.

The QR code on the result slip she presented belongs to a candidate who took the exam in 2021 and scored 138.

Benjamin stated that Mmesoma printed a fake result outside of the database and attempted to pass it off as her own.

As a result, her actual score of 249 has been withdrawn, and she will be banned from participating in the exam for three years.

Additionally, she may face legal charges. Benjamin emphasized that the design of the result slip Mmesoma presented is not the one used for the 2023 UTME, further discrediting her claim.

He said: “We had announced the highest scorer for the year 2023 which incidentally happens to come from Anambra state and when we got the information that somebody is laying claim of 362, we went into our system and we discovered that there was nobody with a score of 362.

“The commissioner of education from Anambra actually called and I asked her to send the result to me. For every result that is printed from our system, it comes out with QR code. The first thing I did was scan the QR code. So when I scanned the QR code on her result, I discovered that the QR code belongs to a candidate who sat the examination in 2021 and that candidate scored 138, and I became curious.

“So, I went into the system with the registration number because she put the scores she obtained. I checked in the system and discovered that she scored 249 and not 362. Her 249 result is withdrawn and she will be banned from taking this examination in the next three years

“If I tell you the level of investigation that we have conducted, we have the 55019, our USSD code. We use that 55019 to communicate with candidates during registration, examination and release of results.

“Immediately this result was released, she checked her result, instead of sending “RESULT TO 55019, she sent a message “Post UTME to 55019 but the machine now sent her results because the phone number she is using is a unique identifier, so it sent her result which was 249.

“She now doctored that result , because that one is a text message so it’s very easy to doctor. So she doctored the results, put the marks the way she wanted and sent them back to 55019 so the code also returned her original results again.

“So, she went outside the database to obtain that slip, but unfortunately, for her sponsors or her managers they didn’t know that there are security devices attached to each slip that is printed and the QR code is one of them. There are about seventeen of them.

“Unfortunately for her again, for 2023 we didn’t use the design she is holding. What she is holding is different from what we are using for 2023”

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