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Jeta Amata’s ex-wife Mbong Amata remarries

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Jeta Amata’s ex-wife Mbong Amata remarries

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Mbong Amata, ex-wife of filmmaker Jeta Amata, has remarried. Mbong tied the knot with her man this past weekend.

The Actress and Jeta went their separate ways in 2012 after 10 years of marriage and a daughter.

Posting photos from her wedding, Mbong wrote: “Surprise! I’m married!

“Everything I have EVER dreamt of, God has done. Wow…such a bold statement and dare I say that my life is truly complete!

“Being drenched in so much love, and surrounded by my closest pals as I celebrated my nuptials this past weekend felt so incredible. God has blessed me with the best of everything.

“My husband, family, friends, those who couldn’t make it but still sent their love, vendors who worked tirelessly to make my day soooo special and of course everyone who made huge sacrifices to witness this day, I’m super grateful!

“Thankyou! Thankyou!! Thankyou!!!” she wrote as she shared photos from her wedding”

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