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Joeboy Tells Așa To ‘go to hell’ over N300m Copyright Infringement

by NaijNaira
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Asa and Joeboy

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Nigerian singer, Asa had issued a copyright infringement notice to Joeboy following the release of his song, ‘Contour’.

In the notice signed by her management, Bukola Elemide demanded from Joeboy the sum of N300 million, a 60 per cent publishing split on the song, a written apology and asked that he immediately remove the song from all digital streaming platforms within 24 hours.

The notice of infringement, which Joeboy shared read in part; ”It has been brought to our attention that your newly released song, Contour (the “Song”), infringes on the copyright of our Client, as recorded/captured in a musical composition (the “Composition”) which she created in a recording session, which took place on 22 September 2020, with the producer of the Song, Alageu Michael Chidozie (p.k.a Tempoe) in attendance.”

”We hereby demand that you immediately remove the Song from all DSPs and any other platforms within twenty-four (24) hours of your receipt of this letter, with a written apology issued to our Client as well as halt any additional infringements of our Composition, including any other infringements.”

Reacting, Joeboy, on his Instagram story said that people seem to want to take him for a ride because he is quiet. He dared Asa’s management to take any legal action and  reminded them that the 24 hours notice has elapsed.

He said, “Cos I day always do love and light you think say I be soft meat. You said I have 24 hours, it’s been 48 hours, do something.”


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