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How To Join Betway Affiliate Program In Nigeria

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How To Join Betway Affiliate Program In Nigeria

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Ever wondered what the Betway affiliate program is all about? The Betway affiliate program is a partnership deal between the betting operator and certain registered users known as affiliate members.

The Betway affiliate program is a partnership deal that gives the partner the opportunity to earn more money for himself, through the affiliate membership with tasks on marketing their products in order to attract new customers.

Once you’re successful in your task by attracting new customers you’ll get your commission instantly.

Also, the program is extremely profitable as long as the rules outlined on its website are followed correctly.

Once you become an affiliate partner, an experienced and skilled account manager will be assigned to give you guidance on how to efficiently and effectively reach your assigned tasks.

Why Join The Betway Affiliate Program

There are a lot of benefits associated with joining the Betway affiliate program, interestingly one of them is the revenue share deals you stand to gain as their affiliate partner.

As an affiliate if a new customer visit and open an account through your link, you’ll earn a commission based on the revenue the player generates.

Joining the Betway affiliate program gives you the opportunity to learn how to grow your own company or business.

The Betway Affiliate Commission

* According to the terms and conditions on the Betway official website, for every 0-10 customers attracted as an affiliate, you’ll win earn 25% of the revenue each player generates.

* For 11-40 players 30% of the revenue generated by each of them will be credited to you as an affiliate.

* For 41-100 new players attracted, 35% of the revenue generated by each will be credited to you as an affiliate.

* For 101+ new players attracted, 40% of the revenue generated by each will be credited to your account as an affiliate.

* Another means of earning as an affiliate is through the second tier feature, which is through referral. You can as well earn additional commission by referring webmasters to become Betway partners.

* All you stand to earn through the referral is 2% of any net win generated by the players of the webmaster referred which is an additional earning for you.

How To Become Betway Affiliate Member

To partner with Betway or become an affiliate member is quite easy and simple if you follow keenly the necessary instructions on their official website.

* To become an affiliate member, you will have to log into the official website of Betway at https://www.betwaypartnersafrica.com/ and click on the join icon at the top of the screen to your registration.

* Fill in your personal details. Which are names, date of birth, country, and personal phone number.

* After that, the next field will ask you to fill in a company ID, name, and website, and you’ll have to agree with the terms and conditions.

* A mail will be sent to you to continue your registration.

* An account number will be sent to you in your mail along with a link to complete your registration. Once seen, click on it and you’ll be directed to a page where you can generate an account password.

* After password registration is done, you’ll be asked to log in either with your account number or email address and password to choose your desired affiliate options.

* Once you fill everything in correctly on the website, you instantly become an affiliate member with Betway.

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