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Katy Perry faces backlash after ‘American Idol’ comments

by NaijNaira
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Katy Perry faces backlash after 'American Idol' comments

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Katy Perry, a judge on American Idol, faced backlash after making comments about a contestant’s appearance.

During a performance by Nutsa Buzaladze, Perry suggested that she tone down her glittery look.

This critique was met with boos from the audience, marking the first time Perry had been booed in her six years as a judge on the show.

Perry’s fellow judges were shocked by the audience’s reaction, but Perry appeared unfazed.

This is not the first time Perry has faced controversy as a judge on the show.

In a previous episode, contestant Sarah Beth Liebe accused Perry of mocking her for being a mother of three.

Liebe later quit the show after speaking out about Perry’s comments.

Despite urging Liebe to reconsider, Perry faced criticism for her behavior.

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