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Lalong told to dump Tinubu/Shettima Campaign appointment

by NaijNaira
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Lalong dump Tinubu Shettima Campaign

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Governor Simon Lalong has been told to reject the appointment to work as the Director-General of the Bola Tinubu/Shettima Campaign Council.

Engr. Daniel Kadzai, a former National President, Youth Wing of the Christian Association of Nigeria, (YOWICAN) and Co-Chairman of Interfaith Coalition Conference told the Plateau State governor that it would amount to a betrayal of his Christian faith if he accepts to work for the duo.

According to DAILY POST, Kadzai wondered why Lalong should belittle himself to accept the appointment to campaign for a party and a presidential candidate who rated him as incompetent to stand as the presidential running mate and opted for the same faith ticket instead.

According to the former Christian youth leader, Lalong would not be allowed to campaign in churches or meet with Christian stakeholders if he accepts the appointment.

Furthermore, the Adamawa-born Christian leader hailed the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar for appointing a northern Christian, Barrister Daniel Bwala as the spokesman of his campaign organisation and another Christian, Dino Melaye as the spokesman.

 “When a political party is pushing candidates of the same faith on the basis that they’re using it as a strategy to win elections, then you should know that this party is trying to divide the country.

 “And in a fragile nation like Nigeria where trust has long evaporated, where are we headed? We’re talking about agitations here and there and you’re now flying a Muslim-Muslim ticket.

 “We have condemned this and we’re celebrating our Christian brothers, who out of solidarity with their fellow Christians, dumped the APC over Muslim-Muslim ticket.

 “We are calling on more Christians to leave that party. Leave the party and look for an alternative. Lalong should sit up. If they cannot find him competent enough to be the vice president that we have agitated and called for, there’s no need for him to come in as the Director-General of Tinubu’s campaign. ‘Monkey they work, bamboo dey chop’.

“He’ll now campaign for them to get our votes? We are passing this soft message to Lalong. In the interest of his faith, he should decline and let them go and look for one faithful northerner who’ll be their campaign DG.

“Not Lalong because we’ll not allow him to hold meetings with any of our leaders. We’ll not allow Lalong to come near our churches to campaign because they have relegated us for long.

“They’ve told the whole world that we don’t have competent people. If we don’t have competent people to stand in as your vice that means you can’t trust our people. So don’t give such responsibility to our people. Even if Lalong decides to accept the DG position, we are determined to look for an alternative.

“We celebrate Atiku Abubakar for the fact that the Chairman of his campaign team is a Southerner and a Christian and he has appointed a Northern Christian, Dino Melaye, as a spokesman.

“I want to congratulate Atiku Abubakar for appointing our own brother, principled and trustworthy northern Christian, Barrister Daniel Bwala, who has been on air to preach unity.

“Despite the darkness covering the APC, Daniel had tried to lighten their path but at the end of the day, they betrayed him. So for Atiku Abubakar to give Daniel Bwala the befitting office coming 2023, we celebrate him. We also call on Daniel Bwala to carry out his duty diligently.”

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