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List Of Real Madrid Managers from 1910 to date

by NaijNaira
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Real Madrid managers

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Ever wonder who managed Los Blancos over the years? Find out in this complete list of Real Madrid managers and coaches across more than one century!

How many managers does Real Madrid have? So far, the Bernabeu has had 40 full-time managers since 1910.

Some Real Madrid managers have had two to three or even four spells in charge at the Bernabéu.

Los Blancos’ current manager, Carlo Ancelotti, and José Mourinho have the highest win record and were in charge of more than 100 games.

José Mourinho

See the top 10 Real Madrid All-Time Top Scorers as well as the Highest-Paid Players In Real Madrid.

NaijNaira now takes you through the Real Madrid Manager history of both the past and present coaches.

Real Madrid managers
Zinedine Zidane

List Of Real Madrid Managers

ManagerFromToTitle(s) Won
Arthur Johnson191019201 Copa del Rey
Juan de Cárcer19201926
Pedro Llorente (Interim)19261926
Santiago Bernabéu19261927
José Berraondo19271929
José Quirante19291930
Lippo Hertzka193019321 La Liga
Robert Firth193219341 La Liga
Francisco Bru193419412 Copa del Rey
Juan Armet1941September 1943
Ramón EncinasSeptember 1943May 1945
Jacinto QuincocesMay 1945March 19461 Copa del Rey
Baltasar AlbénizMarch 1946April 19471 Copa del Rey
Jacinto QuincocesApril 1947January 1948
Michael KeepingJanuary 1948October 19501 Copa Eva Duarte
Baltasar AlbénizOctober 1950March 1951
Héctor ScaroneMarch 1951April 1952
Juan Antonio IpiñaApril 1952May 1953
Enrique FernándezMay 195310 December 19541 La Liga
José Villalonga10 December 1954June 19572 La Liga
2 UEFA Champions League
Luis CarnigliaJune 195719 February 19591 La Liga
1 UEFA Champions League
Miguel Muñoz21 February 195913 April 1959
Luis Carniglia13 April 1959July 19591 UEFA Champions League
Manuel FleitasJuly 195912 April 1960
Miguel Muñoz13 April 196015 January 19749 La Liga
2 Copa del Rey
2 UEFA Champions League
1 Intercontinental Cup
Luis Molowny15 January 1974May 19741 Copa del Rey
Miljan MiljanićMay 19747 September 19772 La Liga
1 Copa del Rey
Luis Molowny7 September 1977June 19792 La Liga
Vujadin BoškovJune 197929 March 19821 La Liga
1 Copa del Rey
Luis Molowny29 March 198230 June 19821 Copa del Rey
Alfredo Di Stéfano1 July 198222 May 1984
Amancio Amaro22 May 198416 April 1985
Luis Molowny16 April 198530 June 19861 La Liga
1 Copa de la Liga
2 UEFA Europa League
Leo Beenhakker1 July 198630 June 19893 La Liga
1 Copa del Rey
2 Supercopa de España
John Toshack1 July 198919 November 19901 La Liga
Alfredo Di Stéfano21 November 199022 March 19911 Supercopa de España
Radomir Antić22 March 199127 January 1992
Leo Beenhakker27 January 199229 June 1992
Benito Floro1 July 19927 March 19941 Copa del Rey
1 Supercopa de España
Vicente del Bosque7 March 199430 June 1994
Jorge Valdano1 July 199421 January 19961 La Liga
Vicente del Bosque21 January 199624 January 1996
Arsenio Iglesias24 January 199629 May 1996
Fabio Capello1 July 199624 June 19971 La Liga
Jupp Heynckes25 June 199728 May 19981 Supercopa de España
1 UEFA Champions League
José Antonio Camacho17 June 19989 July 1998
Guus Hiddink15 July 199823 February 19991 Intercontinental Cup
John Toshack24 February 199917 November 1999
Vicente del Bosque17 November 199923 June 20032 La Liga
1 Supercopa de España
2 UEFA Champions League
1 UEFA Super Cup
1 Intercontinental Cup
Carlos Queiroz25 June 200324 May 20041 Supercopa de España
José Antonio Camacho25 May 200420 September 2004
Mariano García Remón20 September 200430 December 2004
Vanderlei Luxemburgo30 December 20044 December 2005
Juan Ramón López Caro4 December 20051 June 2006
Fabio Capello5 July 200628 June 20071 La Liga
Bernd Schuster9 July 20079 December 20081 La Liga
1 Supercopa de España
Juande Ramos9 December 20081 June 2009
Manuel Pellegrini2 June 200926 May 2010
José Mourinho31 May 20101 June 20131 La Liga
1 Copa del Rey
1 Supercopa de España
Carlo Ancelotti25 June 201325 May 20151 Copa del Rey
1 UEFA Champions League
1 UEFA Super Cup
1 FIFA Club World Cup
Rafael Benítez3 June 20154 January 2016
Zinedine Zidane4 January 201631 May 20181 La Liga
1 Supercopa de España
3 UEFA Champions League
2 UEFA Super Cup
2 FIFA Club World Cup
Julen Lopetegui12 June 2018[3]29 October 2018
Santiago Solari30 October 201811 March 20191 FIFA Club World Cup
Zinedine Zidane11 March 2019[4]27 May 20211 La Liga
1 Supercopa de España
Carlo Ancelotti1 June 2021[5]Present1 La Liga
1 Supercopa de España
1 UEFA Champions League
1 UEFA Super Cup

You can’t possibly still be wondering who has been managing Real Madrid since its foundation. Here, you have found a comprehensive and up-to-date list of all past and present Real Madrid managers from 1910 to date.


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