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Real Madrid Player Salaries: Who Earns the Most?

by NaijNaira
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Real Madrid Player Salaries

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Curious about the salaries of Real Madrid players? Find out who earns the most in this comprehensive list of Real Madrid player salaries for 2023.

As the new season unfolds, excitement fills the air for football fans worldwide. Real Madrid, the giants of La Liga, have left no stone unturned in assembling an incredible squad for the 2023-2024 campaign.

With a total gross salary of €275,820,000, or €5,304,231 per week, the club’s commitment to success is evident.

The Real Madrid Squad: Present and Future

While the salaries and contracts offer a glimpse into the financial aspect of the club, it is the players who truly define Real Madrid’s strength.

The squad boasts a remarkable blend of experience and youth, with each player bringing their unique talents to the table.

From the legendary Sergio Ramos, who has etched his name in Real Madrid’s history, to the young and promising Vinicius Junior, the team is a perfect amalgamation of talent and ambition.

Each player contributes their skills to create a formidable force that every opponent fears.

Unverified Players and Loan Deals: The Unpredictable Factors

While the core squad is filled with exceptional talents, there are always uncertainties surrounding unverified players and loan deals.

These players, whose salaries are calculated using algorithms or unconfirmed sources, add an element of intrigue to the team.

On the other hand, players on loan, represented in blue, showcase Real Madrid’s commitment to nurturing young talents.

Whether these loan deals result in options or obligations to buy, they provide an avenue for promising players to gain valuable experience before returning to the mother club.

Real Madrid Player Salaries

Find out every detail about Real Madrid players salary and contracts during the 2022 to 2023 season. Uncover what your favorite player is earning and see Real Madrid highest paid players!

Who is the highest paid player in Real Madrid now? That is a BIG question Los Blancos fans would like to know.

Not to worry as NaijNaira has compiled the list of Real Madrid Players’ Salary for 2023. In this post, you will learn how Real Madrid players earn per week.

Who is the highest paid player in Real Madrid?

When it comes to earning power, no one can overshadow Toni Kroos in the Real Madrid squad.

Real Madrid Player Salaries

The 33-year-old German midfielder, known for his impeccable passing and vision on the field, is currently the highest earner at the club.

With a mind-boggling gross annual salary of €24,380,000, Kroos takes home a staggering €468,846 every week. Such a substantial pay packet demonstrates the value and impact he brings to the team.

Kroos, who still has one year remaining on his contract, exemplifies the commitment Real Madrid has towards retaining top talent.

His continued presence in the team ensures stability and continuity, allowing him to further carve his legacy in the club’s illustrious history.

Real Madrid Player Salaries: Wage Bill Breakdown

Real Madrid’s dedication to assembling a star-studded roster is further exemplified by their annual wage bill. For the 2023-2024 season, the club’s total gross salary expenditure amounts to a whopping €275,820,000.

This translates to a weekly wage bill of €5,304,231, a staggering figure that demonstrates the club’s ambition to remain at the pinnacle of European football.

Such substantial financial commitments illustrate the club’s desire to attract and retain top-tier talent, ensuring they have a squad capable of competing for major honors season after season.

The wage bill not only serves as a measure of Real Madrid’s financial muscle, but also as a testament to their unwavering dedication to success.

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Luka Modric Salary Per Week

How much does Luka Modric get paid per week? According to Capology, the veteran footballer earns an impressive €365,000 every single week!

This amounts to a yearly salary of around €19 million – that’s about €1.5 million a month!

Now, let’s see how much the salary of Real Madrid players is.

Real Madrid Players Salary 2023

PlayerWeekly SalaryAnnual Salary
Toni Kroos€ 468,846€ 24,380,000
David Alaba€ 432,692€ 22,500,000
Luka Modric€ 420,769€ 21,880,000
Vinicius Junior€ 400,577€ 20,830,000
Jude Bellingham€ 400,577€ 20,830,000
Thibaut Courtois€ 288,462€ 15,000,000
Antonio Rüdiger€ 280,385€ 14,580,000
Aurélien Tchouaméni€ 240,385€ 12,500,000
Ferland Mendy€ 200,385€ 10,420,000
Dani Ceballos€ 200,385€ 10,420,000
Daniel Carvajal€ 200,385€ 10,420,000
Lucas Vázquez€ 180,385€ 9,380,000
Kepa Arrizabalaga€ 173,077€ 9,000,000
Nacho Fernández€ 164,231€ 8,540,000
Eduardo Camavinga€ 160,192€ 8,330,000
Rodrygo€ 160,192€ 8,330,000
Federico Valverde€ 156,346€ 8,130,000
Éder Militão€ 140,192€ 7,290,000
Álvaro Odriozola€ 140,192€ 7,290,000
Brahim Díaz€ 140,192€ 7,290,000
Fran García€ 100,192€ 5,210,000
Arda Güler€ 100,000€ 5,200,000
Andriy Lunin€ 54,038€ 2,810,000
Joselu€ 48,077€ 2,500,000
Jesús Vallejo€ 34,615€ 1,800,000
Reinier€ 11,538€ 600,000
Antonio Blanco€ 6,923€ 360,000
TOTAL€ 5,304,230€ 275,820,000

Wrap Up Real Madrid Player Salaries

So who are Real Madrid highest paid players now that you’ve got the inside scoop on Real Madrid Player Salaries for the 2023-2024 season? I’m sure you’ve discovered who is earning the top wage, and now know what to expect in future years.

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