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Luke Shaw Pinpoints Key Reason for Man United’s Defeat Against Liverpool

by NaijNaira
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Luke Shaw Pinpoints Key Reason for Man United's Defeat Against Liverpool

Manchester United defender Luke Shaw has attributed the team’s worst loss in 92 years to a drop in their level of performance since winning the League Cup.

The team suffered a humiliating 7-0 defeat against arch-rivals Liverpool, with six goals conceded in the second half alone.

Shaw expressed his disappointment and frustration at the lack of standards and personality displayed in the game.

Former United captains and Sky Sports pundits Roy Keane and Gary Neville echoed Shaw’s sentiments, criticizing Bruno Fernandes’ poor body language and lack of leadership on the pitch.

Neville described the defeat as a “shambles” and emphasized that players must show respect, remain professional, and not become complacent when facing tough opponents like Liverpool at Anfield.

Keane also expressed his unhappiness with players joking around during halftime instead of focusing on their work.

These former captains believe that the senior players have a responsibility to maintain focus and steer clear of distractions that could negatively impact team performances.

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