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Madonna’s eldest brother Anthony Ciccone dies at 66

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Madonna's Eldest Brother Anthony Ciccone Has Died, Aged 66

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The family of Madonna has confirmed the death of her eldest brother, Anthony Ciccone.

The news was first announced by Anthony’s brother-in-law and musician Joe Henry on Instagram, with a black-and-white photo of him in his youth.

Joe revealed that he had known Anthony since 15 years old and shared fond memories of him, mentioning his complexity as a person.

Debi Mazar, a close personal friend of Madonna also paid tribute to Anthony, expressing her endearment for him when they were younger.

Public records signal that he resided in Michigan in recent years and the media had previously reported that he faced some sort of homeless and has been in rehabilitation at one point.

Joe concluded his post by stating how grief fades but family remains forever which is emphasized in light of the sudden loss.

No details regarding Anthony’s death have been provided yet.

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