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How To Make Money During NYSC – 5 Proven Methods

by NaijNaira
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How To Make Money During NYSC

Can you teach me how to make money during NYSC? How can I make money with NYSC? What business can I do during NYSC? How can I make extra money during the service year? How do you make money as a Corper? What do you do as a Corper? What can I sell as a Corper? What business can a Corper do?

If you have been wondering about the things you too can do during your NYSC year, then read on.

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Businesses to do during NYSC

Below are a few business ideas for corpers that you need to try out to make a difference.

Private Lessons

This idea will work perfectly well, especially for Corps Members who teach in schools. You can meet with these children’s parents and/or your principal to plan and schedule extra lessons in the evenings.

Apart from that, you can also take the pupils for holiday classes.

Another area is to prepare students for JSSCE, WASSCE, JAMB, NECO, GCE, Post-UME by arranging for a centre and collaborating with other colleagues of yours


Do you already own a camera? Then take it along with you to your State of deployment.

There are always going to be events hosted regularly during your service year which will be an opportunity for you to earn extra income for yourself.

You don’t need to open a studio for this as your colleagues will always want to patronize you as long as you are good at what you do.


If you are a good writer, there are many opportunities for you as an online freelance writer. Just apply on freelancer or Fiverr and bid for writing jobs.

Another thing you can do aside from online writing jobs is to write projects for undergraduates for a fee or write for blogs or for local publications or journals and earn some cash.

Buying And Selling (Mini Importation)

You didn’t think this was possible during the service year? Just tell people what you are selling which could range from clothes, underwear, footwear, hair, etc., and see how they will rush you.

Make sure the things you want to sell are what people in that area are in need of. Try to meet their needs by selling quality and see the magic!

You can even sell to people outside that State you are serving in which will mean you will need to do online ads to people on Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp. And you should be ready to do delivery to them via waybills and what have you.

Selling Recharge Cards

Recharge cards business is a must business if you know you need extra cash during service year or you’ll regret you didn’t.

Have you seen the rate at which you load airtime (either for data or voice calls) on your phone or modem? That is exactly how others are on a daily basis (if not even more than you do) load their gadgets too with airtime.

NYSC members are not different when it comes to the use of airtime.

You can buy the card from wholesalers and start making a profit too.

In conclusion, those are the things you can do as a youth corper as a side hustle.

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