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Airtel Social Bundle, All Plans & Codes in Nigeria


Airtel Social Bundle Plans

Can you list all airtel social bundle plans for me? What is Social Bundle on Airtel? What is a social bundle? How do I use the Airtel Facebook bundle? How do I download Airtel’s social bundle? How does the social data bundle work? How do I check my social bundle balance? How do I activate Airtel’s social bundle?

What is Airtel social bundle plans?

Does Airtel social bundle work for Instagram? Does Airtel social bundle work for youtube?

With airtel’s social bundle plans, you can enjoy data usage on all your social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Skype, Instagram, e.t.c.

Airtel Social Bundle For Whatsapp

Airtel social bundle for WhatsApp is very good for those who use Whatsapp for business purposes as the plan is very cheap and the rate can be gotten for as low as 25 Naira.

The Airtel WhatsApp plan comes is in Daily, Weekly and Monthly plans. However, the monthly plan is not limited to Whatapp alone, it can be used for all social media platforms.

See the breakdown below:

Airtel Social Bundle Whatsapp Plans

Daily Plan: 20MB valid for 1 day for 25 Naira

Weekly Plan: 30Mb+10Mins call valid for 10 days for 100 Naira

Monthly/All Social Plan: 700Mb valid for 25 days for 300 Naira

Airtel social bundle code for WhatsApp

How to buy WhatsApp daily/weekly/monthly data in Airtel?

You’ll have to Dial different codes for different Airtel social bundles like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter. See the codes in this article.

For Whatsapp, type » *141#, send, then choose 7 and then follow the prompt for whichever Whatsapp social bundle you want.

Airtel Social Bundle For Facebook And Whatsapp

Let’s see Airtel WhatsApp and Facebook plan code.

FB+WA Daily ₦25       

You get 100MB for 1 Day. Dial *141*254# to activate and dial *141*254*1# as Auto-renewal Opt-out Code

FB+WA Weekly ₦50   

You get 200MB for 7 Days. Activate with this code: *141*54# and dial *141*54*1# as Auto-renewal Opt-out Code

FB+WA Monthly ₦100           

As for the airtel Facebook and WhatsApp monthly plan code, you get 500MB for 30 Days. Dial *141*104# and dial *141*104*1# as Auto-renewal Opt out Code.

The Auto-renewal Opt-out Codes above are how you can deactivate Airtel Social Bundle.

Airtel YouTube Social Bundle

How does the airtel streaming plan work?

With Airtel YouTube video packs you will get fantastic and affordable data plans that you can use to watch Youtube videos on any of your devices.

This Airtel streaming data plan varies. Let’s look at all Airtel youtube video plans:

Airtel Youtube Plus Packs

This airtel youtube bundle has standard data plans that give FREE access to YouTube at Night.

But what time does the airtel youtube night bonus start? Airtel youtube night bonus starts between 1 AM and 5 AM.


₦1,000 for 1.5GB Standard Data and 3GB YouTube Data valid for 30 days. Dial *323*31#           


₦2,000 for 3.5GB Standard Data and 6GB YouTube Data valid for 30 days. Use code: *323*32# 


₦2,500 5GB Standard Data and 10GB YouTube Data valid for 30 days. Simply dial *323*33#      


₦3,500 7GB Standard Data and 10GB YouTube Data valid for 30 days. Use this code: *323*34# 


₦4,000 9GB Standard Data and 10GB YouTube Data valid for 30 days. Dial *323*35#     

How To Use Youtube Night Bonus On Airtel

Want to know how to use Youtube night bonus on airtel? Just dial *323# and follow the prompt. When you subscribe to the normal Monthly Plan, Airtel gifts you with an extra data bundle for you to stream Youtube live.

And for those asking how to convert youtube night data to normal data on airtel, well, I don’t think that’s possible. The data is strictly for streaming on Youtube. There is no amount of cheat that can help you on this.

If your Airtel youtube night bonus has expired, simply renew by subscribing to any of the lists of Airtel data plans above.

For whatever reason you find that your airtel youtube night is not working, just contact their customer care for assistance.

And hope you know you can use Airtel YouTube night data to download. Yes, you can, try it out. Thus, that’s how to use youtube night bonus on airtel.

Airtel Youtube Weekly & Monthly Packs

You get non-stop YouTube Video streaming anytime, all day all night on this streaming data plan by Airtel Nigeria.

Youtube Weekly         

₦300 gives you 300MB for 7 days. Dial *323*12#

Youtube Monthly       

₦400 gives 600MB for 30 days. Code is *323*11#

Airtel Night Plan Code For 25 Naira

For as low as 25 Naira, you can enjoy 500 MB to browse the web from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m. The Airtel Night Plan Code For 25 Naira is *312#, then select option number 3 to access Airtel Night Plans.

To use this data plan, users must first subscribe to SmartTRYBE by dialing the USSD code *312# and replying with 1.

How To Check Airtel Youtube Data Balance

To check your Airtel Youtube data balance, whether it is for night or day, just dial the following code on your mobile device: *140#. It’s that simple.

Airtel Social Bundle Conclusion

In a way you can call all these an airtel social bundle cheat, right? Anyway, you have now known how to check balance, how to subscribe, how to stop auto-renewal, social bundle for 100 Naira, social bundle code and in short, all that there is to the social bundle plan. Which of the plans are you signing p for?

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