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Man United’s Struggles in Tackling: The Top 10 Players Who Failed in Dribble Challenges

by Thomaz Oseghale
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Man United's Struggles in Tackling The Top 10 Players Who Failed in Dribble Challenges

Manchester United’s recent match against Manchester City once again highlighted their struggles in winning the ball off opponents. This has been a recurring issue throughout the season. In this blog post, we will count down the top 10 Manchester United players who have attempted and failed the most challenges on dribbling players this season.

10) Sofyan Amrabat (9 tackle failures)

Sofyan Amrabat was expected to be a tenacious player who would bring some much-needed aggression to Manchester United’s midfield. However, he has largely disappointed, with a tackle success rate that ranks him as the 42nd best tackler in the Premier League. Despite this, he still stands out in this top 10.

9) Scott McTominay (10)

Scott McTominay had a perfect tackle success rate in the recent match against Manchester City, but it’s worth noting that he attempted only one tackle. It is evident that he needs to be more proactive in his defensive contributions.

8) Kobbie Mainoo (12)

Kobbie Mainoo, a promising young central midfielder, has a tackle success rate of 40%, which contradicts the narrative of his brilliance. In a match against Luton, he attempted four tackles and lost all four.

7) Diogo Dalot (12)

Diogo Dalot finds himself in this list due to his consistent playing time. He boasts the best tackle success rate among Manchester United players this season. Despite this, it has been a challenging season overall for the team.

6) Antony (14)

Antony deserves some credit for attempting almost three times as many tackles as Marcus Rashford per 90 minutes. His tackle success rate of 53.3% is even higher than that of Harry Maguire (50%).

5) Marcus Rashford (16)

Marcus Rashford has attempted to tackle a dribbling opponent only 21 times this season, and he has been successful on just five occasions. This lack of commitment to tackling is evident, as he did not attempt a single tackle against Manchester City.

4) Christian Eriksen (19)

Although Christian Eriksen has had limited playing time, his tackle success rate has been poor. He has struggled to win the ball back for the team.

3) Alejandro Garnacho (27)

Alejandro Garnacho may put in more effort than Rashford, but his tackling skills are even worse. With a tackle success rate of just under 23%, he has a lot of room for improvement.

2) Casemiro (32)

Casemiro’s tackle success rate has dropped from 52.2% to 46.7% this season. Manchester United’s decision to offer him a massive contract despite his declining performance is questionable.

1) Bruno Fernandes (50)

Bruno Fernandes tops the list with the highest number of tackle failures in the Premier League. While attempting a significant number of tackles, his success rate has been poor. In recent wins over West Ham and Aston Villa, he failed in four tackle attempts.

Manchester United’s struggles in tackling have been evident throughout the season, and these statistics shed light on the individual players who have faced challenges in this aspect of the game. Improvement in tackling will be crucial for the team’s success moving forward.

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