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Manchester United to Conduct Audit of Erik ten Hag’s Future

by Thomaz Oseghale
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Manchester United to Conduct Audit of Erik ten Hag's Future

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Manchester United is reportedly preparing to make a final decision on the future of manager Erik ten Hag. After a narrow victory over Coventry in the FA Cup semi-finals, doubts have been growing over ten Hag’s position at the club. Despite guiding the team to three cup finals in two seasons, the alarming collapse against Coventry has raised further concerns.

In an effort to assess ten Hag’s credentials, Manchester United has tasked their new technical director, Jason Wilcox, with conducting an audit over the next month. The audit will evaluate ten Hag’s strengths and weaknesses, including his relationship with the squad and his training sessions.

Wilcox, who recently joined the club from Southampton, will appraise ten Hag’s training sessions and hold discussions with the manager, players, and coaching staff. The aim is to determine whether ten Hag can deliver the desired style of play under the new football structure or if a managerial change is necessary at the end of the season.

Ten Hag’s management has come under scrutiny this season, with disciplinary cases involving players such as Jadon Sancho, Marcus Rashford, and Alejandro Garnacho. Sancho, who criticized ten Hag on social media, was subsequently left out of a game and sent on loan to Borussia Dortmund. Rashford faced sanctions after calling in sick following a nightclub visit, while Garnacho was disciplined for liking tweets criticizing ten Hag.

The audit will provide a comprehensive evaluation of ten Hag’s performance, and Wilcox’s verdict is expected to be crucial in determining the club’s next steps. Manchester United is currently in negotiations with Newcastle for the appointment of a director of football, and the outcome of the audit will play a significant role in these discussions.

With the FA Cup final against Manchester City approaching, Manchester United will be eager to resolve the uncertainty surrounding ten Hag’s future and ensure a stable foundation for the club moving forward.

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