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Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria ~ List of Top 10

A manufacturing company is aimed at transforming raw materials or resources into usable goods or products and here are the major companies in Nigeria right now.

manufacturing companies in nigeria

Nigeria as a country is full of raw materials that can not on their own be used or utilized to the satisfaction of the consumers.

Hence the need for manufacturing companies which also help to enhance the economy.

Of course there are lots of goods producing industries in the country, but we shall only take note of some of the top manufacturing companies we have in the country.

A Brief History of Manufacturing in Nigeria

Manufacturing in the country is nearly as old as the coming together of the North, South, West and Eastern parts of the country, or maybe older.

From time immemorial, different parts of the country have always been known to produce many types of goods.

For instance, the Northern part of the country is known to produce things like Hides and Skin, Cereals, Legumes, Spices and so on.

The Southern part on their own is known to produce spices, beverages, cash crops, cotton and so many others.

Overtime, manufacturing companies started arising from every one of these parts.

While some of the companies continued producing the same goods that are locally produced in these areas (though in a greater quantity), others came up with entirely new ideas.

Some diversified into oil and gas production, cement production, cotton production, beverages production, personal care products and so on.

The birth of these companies gave rise to mass employment, in-flow of cash, discovery and exploration of the country’s natural resources, foreign investments, urban development and creation of several infrastructures.

This is how the companies you will be reading about in this content came into existence in the country.

The following are some of the best production companies you can find in the country at the moment.

Top 10 Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria

  • Nigeria Breweries Plc
  • Dangote Group
  • Flour Mills of Nigeria
  • Unilever Nigeria Plc
  • Nestle Nigeria
  • DUFIL (De United foods Industrial Limited)
  • Lafarge Cement
  • Paterson Zochonis Industries Plc
  • Nexans Nigeria
  • Guiness Nigeria Plc

1.) Nigeria Breweries Plc

Founded in 1946 are Nigeria’s first and largest brewery company and the largest brewery in Africa. The headquarter of this company is located in Lagos State.

Nigeria Breweries is a major force in the Nigerian manufacturing industries.

Thousands of Nigeria’s unemployed youths have been gainfully employed in the company.

This industry manufactures both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks.

Alcoholic drinks produced here are Star, Gulder, Heineken, Life, Legend, Extra Stout, Star Life, Goldberg Lager, Spark, Apple, Ace, and Passion.

Non alcoholic drinks like Amstel Malt, Malt Gold, Maltina, Climax Energy drink and Fayrouz.

2.) Dangote Group

Owned by the richest man in Nigeria and Africa, Aliko Dangote popularly known in Nigeria. He founded this big manufacturing company in 1981.

Since then the company has remained one of the biggest in Nigeria and African as well.

The name Dangote Group is a household name and has held its reputation high all over the country.

Their headquarter is located in Lagos State and is focused on the production of food and beverages such as Flour, Rice, Salt, Spaghetti e.t.c. as well as cement, Steel, Textiles and so on.

Dangote Group is one of those business conglomerates whose impacts have touched nearly every part of Africa, especially the Western part.

Presently, the company is building a petroleum refinery in Lagos. This refinery is expected to be completed in the coming year 2021.

Once it is completed, over 30,000 Nigerian youths are going to be directly and indirectly employed there.

3.) Flour Mills of Nigeria

This is one of the top manufacturing companies we have in Nigeria. It is very popular in the country. It is a private limited liability company found in 1962 in Lagos State.

Flour Mills began operations when much of the companies in Nigeria were still focused on every other thing except flour production.

Today, the company has established itself as the number 1 flour production company in the country.

Their production goods include Semorita, Sugar, Golden Bite Chin-chin, Pasta, Prime Flour, Masarita, Noodles, as well as animal food made by their subsidiary (premier feed mills) and Bagco which includes goods like Bags, Threads and Ropes e.t.c.

4.) Unilever Nigeria Plc

Unilever Nigeria Plc was founded in 1923 and is one of the most popular manufacturing firms in the country.

Formerly known as Lever brothers, its headquarter is situated in Lagos State.

Unilever ranks among the companies that have largely dominated the production industry in the country.

There is hardly any part of the country where you can’t find their products.

Even in the remotest villages, their products are used on a daily basis. That’s why they are among the most successful companies in our country today.

The company is well popular because it produces not only food and beverages but other personal and household care products as well.

Some of the edible goods they produce are: Lipton, Royco, Knorr, Blue Band, e.t.c.

Their personal and household care products includes Close-Up, Lux, Life Buoy, Vaseline, Key Soap, detergent (Omo and Sunlight), Pears, Pepsodent and so many others.

5.) Nestle Nigeria

This industry is one of the leading manufacturing company in food and beverages.

The company was founded in Nigeria in 1959 and has it’s headquarters in Ikeja.

It is also one of the oldest manufacturing industries in the world as it started production and sales in 1957, Africa.

It specializes in food and drinks such as Coffee, Infant food, Bottled water, Beverages, Seasonings, Frozen and Refrigerated foods, Breakfast Cereals, Milkshakes, as well as health care nutrition.

6.) DUFIL (De United foods Industrial Limited)

Dufil Group is a joint venture between companies namely Tolaram Group of Singapore and Salim Group of Indonesia.

Dufil Group was founded in the year 1995. Its headquarter is located in Lagos State. The Group currently has its major factories in Ogun State, Port Harcourt and Kaduna State.

It is popularly known for the production of Indomie Instant Noodles and other foods like, Minimie Noodles, Minimie Chin-chin, Power Pasta, Power Oil and Prima Flour.

7.) Lafarge Cement

This is a cement manufacturing industry, having it’s headquarter in France because it is a French firm.

However, it is one of the largest manufacturers of cement in Nigeria, having its head office in Nigeria in Lagos State.

It has two main cement factories located in Ogun State- Sagumu Plant and Abeokuta Ewekoro Plant respectively.

They have been in Nigeria for the past 50 years with the aim of advancing well building structures in Nigeria.

8.) Paterson Zochonis Industries Plc

Also known as Pz Cussons, this company is one of the top household (product) manufacturing industries in Nigeria.

Speaking of household products, the company produces Cussons Baby, Joy Soap, Venus, Robb, Carex, Imperial Leather, Zip Detergent, Morning Fresh, and Haier Thermocool.

It also produces nutritional foods in the country. This nutritional foods are, Nunu, Yol Deron King’s, Olympic, Coast, Manador e.t.c.

Pz Cussons was founded in the year 1948 and was originally known as PB Nicolas and company limited.

Their head office is located in Lagos State though it originated from Manchester in the United Kingdom.

The company is also popular for organizing so many competitions for babies on social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Winners of such competitions are usually given cash rewards, scholarships and many other kinds of prizes.

9.) Nexans Nigeria

Nexans Nigeria plays a leading role in the production and manufacturing of cable wires in Nigeria. Their offices are located in different parts of Lagos, Kaduna and Ogun State.

They are responsible for the production of industrial cables, instrumentation cables, power network cables, telecom-network cables, indoor cables and so on.

Nexan may not be well known among people of all class in the country, but there is hardly any engineer in the country that doesn’t know one or two things about them.

10.) Guiness Nigeria Plc

Guiness Nigeria is one of the top manufacturing companies not only in Nigeria, but also all over the world.

They have managed to establish a good name for themselves as a top beverage manufacturer.

Though Guinness Nigeria Plc is a well established company of its own and functions as such, it is a subsidiary of Diageo Plc in United Kingdom.

It was established in Nigeria in the year 1962. that was when their first brewery building was built in Ikeja, Lagos.

Today, it has other brewery plants located in Benin and Ogba. Popular products by this great industry are: Malta Guinness, Malta Guinness low sugar, Guinness extra smooth, Smirnoff Ice, Snapp, Harp and Satzenbrau and so many others.

Final Note

This write up features the 10 top major and famous manufacturing companies we have in Nigeria right now.

Though they produce different products, each one of them have been able to remain successful over the years.

While many of them are actually foreign investments in the country, a few of them are fully owned by citizens of this great country.

Due to their existence, untold number of Nigerians have been gainfully employed.

Have you searching for information relating to these top production firms in country?

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