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“Marriage Isn’t A Scam” – Anita Joseph Gives Marital Advice

by NaijNaira
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Nollywood actress Anita Joseph responded to claims that marriage is a scam. 

The actress issued a warning to those who label marriage as a scam after recently celebrating her third wedding anniversary on social media.

The outspoken actress claims that many refer to marriage as a scam when they wed ‘Bombastic elements’ who disdain the institution.

She wrote, “When you marry a Bom****bastic element you say marriage na Scam, Marriages Wey Dey sweet like sugar. 

“Union that God himself Ordained. Women be submissive Respectful but pls don’t take Buckets of Nonsense.

“Men Take responsibility Stop embarrassing your wives nobi only you Dey m*d OBUROSOYI’na apu ala shallom. I miss my village Dubai”

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