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Netizens Drag Ubi Franklin, After Calling Out Female Celebrities Dating Same Man

by NaijNaira
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As he criticises female celebrities for dating the same man, Ubi Franklin, a music executive and talent manager, has continued to draw criticism from online users.

Ubi Franklin was attacked online for having other women in his life while attempting to weigh in on the Medlin and her bestie’s drama.

The father of four alleged that the majority of female celebrities in Nigeria secretly date the same man and brag about it.

He described how he travelled with one from London to Nigeria and said that the woman was travelling with someone’s husband.

He wrote, “What’s crazy about our female celebrities is they date the same men unknowingly, they be thinking they are private, and no one knows their business. Just to pepper us on sm. I flew with on my one day from London to Naija, and she was with some1 husband.

“Not judging anyone, but y’all got to do your due diligence and know who your dating. I know women pushing heavy stuff and yoh never see them posting on social media trying to prove nothing let’s take it easy. 

Stay guarded”

See comments below:

One Endylight wrote: Let the men with integrity speak bikonu. Don’t come for me, I cry easily.

Evelyn wrote: Have you paid the Twitter lady for the job she did for you? Worry about that and leave the female celebrities.

Better than been with a man like you tho.” Ikaydardison wrote.

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