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8 disastrous mistakes Man Utd made in horror performance against Brentford

by NaijNaira
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8 disastrous mistakes Man Utd made in horror performance against Brentford

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Only two games into his Manchester United career, Erik ten Hag is facing a crisis, and he is running out of time to fix it in the transfer window, although the issues at the club that remain unfixed run much deeper.

And the depressing news is, there is every sign that it is going to get worse.

Here are 8 catastrophic moments that pointed to the darkest of immediate futures:

The failure to follow instruction

Ten Hag said the defeat came because his players did not do what they were asked. That was most obvious in the manner in which Brentford were allowed to play out from the back without any intervention. This was less gegenpress, more giggle press.

The inability to break down the Brentford defence

For all Frank’s delight at the manner his side conducted the low block, they were helped by the way United merely moved the ball from side to side in front of it. Not a single penetrating pass was attempted, let alone completed.

Hapless set-pieces

Not just defending them – though the attempt by the diminutive Lisandro Martinez to stop Ben Mee, himself not exactly a giant of a centre-back – was a masterclass in how not to protect the back post. But in attack too. When Christian Eriksen last played here, his every free-kick was effective. Largely because Brentford players chased his crosses. Here every single dead ball he sent over went uncontested by United forwards who appear to believe that actually battling for the ball is beneath them.

A goalkeeper who fell short in every department

That David de Gea has been United’s player of the season for five of the 10 post-Ferguson is alarming enough in itself: if he is the cream of the squad, God help the skimmed milk. He was simply woeful here, lacking in three significant areas: confidence, organisation and positional sense.

Tactical ineptitude

Everyone knows how Frank’s team will play: aggressive on the press, tight in defence, looking at all times to deliver the long ball for Ivan Toney to knock on. Ten Hag spent the week on the Carrington training ground apparently unable to explain to his new charges how to prevent it. The ease with which Toney played in Bryan Mbeumo for the best of the home goals was the football equivalent of a hot knife through butter.


He looks a decent bloke (he was the only one of the United players who consoled De Gea after his howler that allowed Josh Dasilva to open the scoring).

But when it comes to his football, for four years and 106 appearances it has been evident to anyone watching United play that the Brazilian is no Roy Keane. Yet Ten Hag is the fourth manager at Old Trafford obliged by the inadequacies of the club’s recruitment operation to rely on him to anchor midfield. The simple truth is, to misquote Alan Hansen, you’ll win nothing with Fred.

Ronaldo’s incessant sulking

Ronaldo wants out, and frankly, who can blame him? But his body language, pouting, sulking, and moaning is a vampiric drain on morale. At the end of the match, he stomped off the pitch, refusing to acknowledge the long-suffering United support or shake his manager’s hand. Given that he plopped his one chance softly into David Raya’s hands, his surliness hardly represents occupation of the moral high ground.

The full-backs

At Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham, the fullbacks are vital to the team’s attacking threat. With United, they are an adjunct, an absence of threat. That the club have not had a decent full-back since Patrice Evra departed is yet further indication of the empty space where operation planning should be.

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