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MTN Tariff Plan Migration Codes {Cheapest & Best} 2020

Here are all the mtn tariff plan, their call rates calculation,  migration codes and benefits for 2020. Some of these mtn Nigeria call plans are mtn beta talk, mtn pulse/ipulse, mtn xtravalue bundles, mtn xtraspecial.

mtn tariff plan

I won’t bore you with long but useless lists of MTN Nigeria tariff plans. Rather, this article will presents you with the best mtn tariffs with cheapest call rates that money can get.

Apart from the fact that this tariff plans from mtn have one of the cheapest call rates among Nigerian telecommunication companies, they came with some mouth watering benefits too.

Some of these mtn call packages are aim specifically at those that often makes international calls.

Below are the best mtn call plans with the cheapest call rates. Not only that the likes of pulse and beta talk comes with some mouth watering offers that can’t just be overlooked.

So let’s fire down.

MTN Tariff Plan

S/NMTN Call PlansCall RatesMigration Codes
1.)MTN Pulse11 Kobo/Sec*406*1#
2.)MTN Beta Talk40 Kobo/Sec*123*2*1#
3.)MTN Xtra Special15 Kobo/Sec*408#
4.)MTN mPulse15 Kobo/Sec*344*1#
5.)MTN Xtra Value40 Kobo/Sec*131*2#

1.) MTN iPulse Tariff Plan

Pulse is not just one of the best mtn Nigeria tariff plans but also one of the best among all Nigeria telecom tariffs in my own opinion. You might disagree with me though but do that after seeing what it offers.

mtn pulse call package

MTN iPulse was launched couple of years ago and mtn has featured handful of Nigerian celebrities in its promotional videos.

Mtn Pulse Call Rate.

Seriously, if you are looking for the best tariff plan for local calls on mtn network, all you need is mtn pulse.

With 100 Naira on iPulse, you can talk for up to 14 minutes irrespective of which Nigerian network you are calling. Where does that rate comes from? Check below.

iPulse has a call rate of 11 Kobo/Sec. But you will be charged 22 Kobo/Sec for the first 50 seconds of call daily.

Let’s digress a little.

Let’s say you recharge your mtn line on pulse with 100 Naira, below is how long it will last.

22 Kobo per second for the first 50 seconds is 22 x 50 = 1100 Kobo in 50 seconds.

But 1 Naira = 100 Kobo. Therefore 1100 Kobo is 1100/100 = 11 Naira.

Now for the rest of the day you will be charged 11 K/S. Out of 100 Naira, we have used 11 Naira. We are left with just 89 Naira (100 – 11 = 89).

But 89 Naira is equivalent to 8900 Kobo (N1 = 100 Kobo).

If the call rate is 11 K/S, 8900 Kobo will last how many seconds?

Cross multiply.

11 Kobo – 1 Seconds.

8900 Kobo – X seconds?.

X = 8900 x 1 / 11, X = 809.1 Seconds.

So the total seconds your 100 Naira will last is 50 seconds (@ 22K/S) + 809.1 seconds (@ 11K/S). We have 859.1 seconds.

Recall that 60 seconds makes 1 minute. 859.1 seconds in minutes will be 859.1/60 = 14.3 minutes (14 minutes 18 seconds). That’s about 7 Naira per minute.

100 Naira = 14 minutes 18 seconds.

200 Naira = 28 minutes 36 seconds.

Summary of iPulse Call Rate.

  • 22 Kobo Per Second for the first 50 seconds.
  • 11 Kobo per second for the rest of the day.
  • N100 airtime will last for 14 minutes 18 seconds.
  • Which is about 7 Naira per minute.

MTN Pulse Benefits.

This call plan doesn’t just come with a great call rate, it also come with bonuses and benefits.

i.) Data Bonus.

Yeah, that’s correct. You are entitle to free 10MB when you recharge 100 Naira and it is valid for 24 hours. However, you won’t get another bonus until after 7 days.

Likewise, you get 20 MB for a recharge of 200 Naira. The same terms and conditions applies. I.e no bonus until after 7 days.

ii.) N500 Naira for 1GB Weekly Data Plan.

On other mtn tariff plans, you will get 750 MB for N500 Naira. But on mtn pulse,you get extra 250 MB. The plan is a weekly plan and is therefore valid for just 7 days.

Data roll over is allowed upon renewal. Dial *406*2# to activate and sms 2 to 131 to check data balance.

MTN Now gives 500MB for 500 Naira irrespective of your tariff plan.

iii.) Happy Hour Free Mid-Night Plan (25 Naira for 500 MB MTN Night Plan).

This offer is available for only mtn pulse subscribers. You get 500 MB for 25 Naira to browse between 12AM to 4AM.

One sim is eligible for one subscription in a night. You remember earlier when i said i have 4 of my 5 mtn sim on mtn pulse? It is because of this mtn night plan for Pulse customers.

With 4 mtn sims, i have 2GB to surf and download for just 100 Naira. Isn’t that amazing. Text Night to 131 to activate the plan. You can read more about it from the link above.

iv.) Unlimited Streaming on Music+.

For just 10 Naira per day on mtn pulse, you get access to unlimited music streaming.

Mtn Pulse Migration Code.

If you like this mtn call plan, dial *406# to migrate. Alternatively, you can migrate by texting 406 to 131.

2.) MTN Beta Talk Tariff Plan

Beta talk is another great mtn tariff plans. It is also one of the oldest tariff plan on mtn network.

MTN Beta Talk Benefits and Bonus.

I chose to talk about this tariff’s bonus and benefit before the call rate because we are going to need some point under here for our call rate calculations.

Beta talk from mtn gives airtime and data bonus upon recharge/top up.

i.) Data Bonus.

Like pulse, you also get free 10MB upon 100 Naira recharge. But beta talk data bonus is valid for 7 days unlike pulse’s 24 hours validity.

ii.) Airtime Bonus.

Above N100 Naira Top Up: For airtime recharge of 100 Naira and above, you will get 200% airtime bonus. That’s 200 Naira bonus for recharging 100 Naira. Total airtime is now 300 Naira.

Below N100 Naira Recharge: For airtime recharge below N100, you will get 100% bonus.

Validity of the airtime bonus is also 7 days and can be used to call any Nigerian network.

Beta Talk Call Rate.

If for some reason you don’t want to be on mtn pulse, beta talk is another call plan you should look into.

The call rate on beta talk is 40 Kobo/Sec.

Let’s digress a little.

40 kobo per second to Naira per minute will be 40 x 60 / 100 = 24 Naira/Min. I.e you will be charge 24 Naira for every minute of call you make on beta talk.

Remember you get 200% bonus on recharge of 100 Naira and above? 100 + 200 bonus = 300 Naira.

With 300 Naira (plus bonus) and 40 kobo per second or 24 Naira/Min call rate, how long will 100 Naira recharge last on beta talk? See for yourself below.

24 Naira – 1 minute.

300 Naira – X.

Cross multiply.

X = 300/24 = 12.5 minutes. Or 12 minutes 30 seconds.

200 Naira airtime recharge gives a talk time of 25 minutes.

I really don’t see why anyone will choose beta talk over pulse. As you can see, you get more call time on pulse than beta talk (BT) and ipulse comes with more offers that BT can’t compete with.

MTN Beta Talk Migration Code.

Dial *123*2*1# or send BT to 131 as sms to migrate to mtn beta talk.

Note: You can’t use mtn share n sell on beta talk. That’s you can’t transfer airtime.

3.) MTN XtraSpecial Tariff Plan

mtn xtraspecial call package

This is one of the best tariff plans for international calls from mtn. I doubt you can get more than this from any service provider.

Xtra Special used to be available for all prepaid customers, but it is currently available for only postpaid customers.

The benefit of this mtn call plan is that you can call any local or some international number at the rate of 15 Kobo/Sec. That’s about 9 Naira per minute.

With 100 Naira recharge, you can talk for 11 minutes 6 seconds.

The international countries you can call include.

Canada, China, Germany, Sweden, South Korea, Israel, Hong Kong, Romania, Denmark, Cyprus, India, Ireland, Malaysia, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States, Malta, Luxembourg.

MTN XtraSpecial Migration Code.

To migrate to this call plan, dial *408#.

4.) MTN XtraValue Tariff Plan

mtn xtravalue call plan

XtraValue tariff from mtn is a 2 in 1 tariff plan that rewards you with data volumes along side airtime.

Subscribing to an XtraValue plan gives you airtime plus data. There are two versions of this plan;

  • XtraTalk – You get more airtime than data.
  • XtraData – You get more data than airtime.

XtraValue Call Rate.

The call rate for this plan varies with the bundle you subscribe to.

As you can see from the image below, if you subscribe to 300 Naira XtraTalk, you get 975 Naira airtime at a call rate of 24 Naira per Minute.

That is 40.625 minutes (40 minutes 38 seconds) for 300 Naira. Which amounts to 13 minutes 30 seconds for 100 Naira.

mtn xtra talk tariff plan
mtn xtra-data tariff

Offers about a minute more of talk time than beta talk and a minute less than pulse. But don’t forget you also get free data. Check the image below for other plans. For the XtraData, 300 Naira subscription gives you 372 Naira airtime and 150MB data bundles. With the same 24 N/M call rate. That is 15.5 minutes talk time. On 100 Naira, that is 5.2 minutes talk time. But don’t forget it offers more data than airtime. So if your priority is airtime go for XtraTalk and XtraData if your priority is data.

International call rate is N39.6 Naira per minute.

Selected countries include;

Canada, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, United States, China, Cyprus, Malaysia, Malta, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Denmark, Germany.

There are 8 XtraTalk and 8 XtraData plans (16 XtraValue Plan all together). Check their subscription code from the images above.

You can check your balance by dialing *556#.

XtraValue Migration Code.

Dial *131*2# to subscribe to your preferred package. You can opt out of auto renewal by adding the keyword NO to the subscription code.

I.E if you subscribe to the 300 Naira XtraTalk bundle whose activation code is V300 to 131 use NOV300 to 131 to cancel auto renew.

Note: Migration is free to all tariff plan from mtn. But if you have migrated to a new tariff within the last 30 days, migration will attracts 100 Naira.

Another great tariff from mtn but for kids is the and i recommend you also check it out.

Conclusion on MTN Call Plans

Personally, i will go for either mtn beta talk or mtn ipulse anytime any day. I have five mtn sims and four of them are on pulse while the fifth one is on beta talk.

Most of you probably knows what i do with those on pulse. But if still can’t grab, i will gist you about it later in this write up.

Important thing to look out for when choosing a plan for your mtn number is the call rate. After that you can then look at the bonus & benefit that comes with it.

With these two criteria in mind, you can easily choose which mtn call package is good for you.

Just in case, call rate in Nigeria is the amount in kobo or naira you will be charged in a second or minute for a tariff plan.

That’s all fellas on the best and cheapest mtn tariff plan money can buy 2020. Don’t forget to share this article using the social sharing buttons below. Cheapest & Best MTN Call Rates (Local & International)

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  1. I am on iPulse and MTN charges me N24 for 1st 1 minute every day I make calls thereafter 15K for the rest of the day and this is against what is stated above. Why is it so. Why is Africans dubious?

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