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How To Open A Nairabet Account and Registration

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Nairabet Account and Registration

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Are you tired of going to different shops to book a betting ticket or place bets and you want to open an online sports betting platform?

If yes, the best online betting platform to open and register on is Nairabet.

Sports betting has become a very lucrative business in Nigeria as it currently has millions of youths who are into it to make money for themselves.

As one of the leading sports betting platforms in Nigeria that is reliable, Nairabet is one of them.

The first sports betting platform premier in Nigeria was founded by Akin Alabi, a Nigerian Entrepreneur, author, and politician in 2009.

Nairabet is basically meant for Nigerian youths and sports betting enthusiast who loves to put their money where their mouth is.

To open a Nairabet account and registration is quite straightforward because the platform interface is easy to access and navigate for all sports betting aficionados.

Tips On What To Expect On Nairabet

* Nairabet runs an online platform where users can place bets instead of going to betting shops to book or place a bet.

* Enthusiasts can also create an account, fund their account with their debit cards, and place bets once they open an account and fulfill all necessary requirements as stated by Nairabet.

* These will definitely interest you, once you win you can cash out your wins online straight into your bank account without delay.

* If you open a Nairabet account, registered successfully, and fund your account you’re also entitled to get a 100% bonus on your first deposit.

* Nairabet also pays users if a single game cut their ticket, however, terms and conditions apply to that gesture.

Opening An Account On Nairabet: (Terms & Conditions)

The Nairabet website is a fully licensed and regulated sports betting platform, as such you are safe in the knowledge that all transactions are in safe hands.

Anyone can sign up for the Nairabet account, however, there are a few terms and conditions to that effect.

* Customer must be residents of Nigeria

* They must be 18+

* To qualify for any potential welcome bonus, you must not have had an account before.

How To Register On Nairabet

Here are the simple steps to follow in opening a Nairabet account.

* Visit Nairabet.com

* Click the register feature

* Fill in the necessary and required details

* Click on Create Account

Note that after you’re done filling the first four steps correctly, your registration will be successful.

Thereafter, you will receive a confirmation email to that effect to confirm your registration.

To further welcome you for opening a Nairabet account, a customer service personnel will call you within 24 hours of registration to appreciate and provide you with the necessary information pertaining to the platform.

Funding Of Nairabet Account

After successful registration, there’s a need to fund your new account right? Here is how you’ll go about it.

Go straight to the fund account feature, click on it and it will take you to the page to choose the bank or platform you’ll prefer in funding your account.

Update Personal Details For Withdrawal

It is very important for you as a customer to update your personal details on the new account for your withdrawal because when you win it will be easy for you to transfer your money to the account.

However, it doesn’t mean you can’t place a bet even when you’re yet to update the details on your new account.

But note that once you win a bet to transfer your money will be a bit difficult unless you fully update your personal details.

Customers Who Can Open & Register On Nairabet

The Nairabet sports betting platform has a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices to make betting easy for its users.

Interestingly, Nairabet also has a USSD code that users could use to stake on their respective phones (USSD *5447#).

With the Nairabet USSD Code, you can open an account on the website, place bets, and do more.

Without the use of an internet connection, the USSD Code is so good for browsing the website with any kind of phone.

Note that in order for this to work on your phone, your number must be linked to a bank account. If it’s not, you’ll get the following error message: “No bank is mapped with your mobile number or service time out”.

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