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Netflix’s XO Kitty: Extended Trailer Released, Premiere Date Set

by NaijNaira
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Netflix's XO Kitty Extended Trailer Released, Premiere Date Set

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Netflix is expanding its popular All The Boys I’ve Loved franchise with a new series centered around Kitty Song Covey, the younger sister of protagonist Lara Jean.

XO Kitty, which drops on May 18, follows Kitty as she navigates a long-distance relationship with her Korean boyfriend and starts attending her mother’s alma mater in Korea.

However, things get complicated when she discovers her boyfriend has a girlfriend chosen by his family.

The series features a diverse cast of Korean and non-Korean characters speaking in English, which some viewers find unusual but refreshing.

While some are excited for the new series, others express apprehension about the production crew’s lack of knowledge about Korean culture.

Regardless, fans of the franchise are eager to see Kitty’s story unfold.

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