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All Niger State Governors Listed Till Date

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Niger State Governors

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Explore the chronological list of Niger State Governors, spanning from its inception to the current administration. Learn about the individuals who have governed the state.

Here is a comprehensive list of all past and present governors of Niger State, along with their political parties, from 1960 till date. Niger State, located in the North-Central region of Nigeria, is known for its rich cultural heritage and diverse population.

It is important to note that Nigeria is home to over a hundred languages and tribes, beyond the well-known Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba ethnic groups.

This list is especially useful for students and individuals seeking information about the history and governance of Niger State. Please note that the list may also include military governments, if applicable.

List of governors of Niger State

Murtala NyakoFebruary 1976December 1977Military
Okoh Ebitu UkiweDecember 1977July 1978(Military)
Colonel Joseph OniJuly 1978October 1979Military
Malam Awwal IbrahimOctober 1979December 1983NPN
David B. Alechemu MarkJanuary 19841986Military
Garba Ali Mohammed1986December 1987Military
Lawan GwadabeDecember 1987January 1992Military
Musa InuwaJanuary 1992November 1993NRC
Cletus Komena EmeinDecember 9, 1993August 22, 1996Military
Simeon OduoyeAugust 22, 1996August 1998Military
Habibu Idris ShuaibuAugust 1998May 1999Military
Abdulkadir KureMay 29, 1999May 29, 2007PDP
Mu’azu Babangida AliyuMay 29, 2007May 29, 2015PDP
Abubakar Sani BelloMay 29, 2015May 29, 2023APC
Mohammed Umar BagoMay 29, 2023IncumbentAPC

Your interest in the history of Niger State Governors must have been quelled now by this comprehensive list that provided information on all the leaders who have held the position throughout the years.

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