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Nkechi Blessing Blasts Content Creator Over Advert Troll

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Nkechi Blessing Blasts Content Creator Over Advert Troll

Actress Nkechi Blessing is not one to back down from a fight, and she proved it once again when she recently clashed with a content creator who called her out for using a filter in an advertisement for a skincare brand that allegedly doesn’t have a NAFDAC number.

The content creator, known as VeryDarkMan, had taken to social media to react after an Instagram user raised concerns about the product Nkechi had endorsed.

In response to the Instagram user’s comment, Nkechi dared VeryDarkMan and even lashed out at the IG user.

However, VeryDarkMan revealed that he had received screenshots of Nkechi’s comment, which prompted him to investigate the advertised product.

His findings allegedly showed that the brand did not have a NAFDAC number and that they produced skincare products for children as well.

Nkechi, not one to be silent, took to a live video to blast VeryDarkMan for his investigations and warned him not to mess with her.

In the video, she refuted the claims that the products were not NAFDAC-approved and proudly displayed the NAFDAC number.

The clash between Nkechi Blessing and VeryDarkMan has sparked a heated debate on social media, with fans and followers taking sides.

While some support Nkechi and believe that she is innocent, others side with VeryDarkMan and argue that it is important to raise awareness about potentially harmful products.

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