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Non-Muslims can benefit from Jaiz Bank loan facilities worth over N1 billion – MD

by NaijNaira
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Non Muslims can benefit from Jaiz Bank loan facilities worth over N1 billion – MD

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Jaiz Bank’s new managing director/chief executive officer, Dr Sirajo Salisu has said the Nigeria-based non-interest bank is purely into business without religious biases but said the bank is run under Sharia laws.

The new MD of the leading Islamic bank in Nigeria formally assumed duty as head of Jaiz Bank Plc this week following the retirement of  Hassan Usman whose tenure ended on 15th October.

There have been insinuations in some quarters that the bank was an Islamic bank that is meant for Muslim faithfuls alone.

Speaking during an interaction with journalists yesterday, Dr Salisu said people easily use religion as a tool to divide Nigerians.

“A non-muslim can become a shareholder in an Islamic Bank. A non-muslim can work in Islamic Bank. Jaiz bank is purely business run under Sharia laws,” he said, while highlighting some of the gains of the bank since the last 10 years of commercial operation in Nigeria.

Salisu also disclosed that non Muslims have actually benefited from Jaiz Bank loan facilities worth over N1 billion, a situation he said point to the fact that the bank accommodates everyone regardless of religious affiliation.

Salisu said the smooth transition from his predecessor to his is a manifestation of the bank’s commitment to capacity building, especially internally. “This kind of smooth transition can continue only if you build internal capacity,” Dr Salisu said.

He also announced the readiness of Jaiz Bank to partner with media owners on expanding their businesses. He acknowledged the current strains on businesses due to economic difficulties in Nigeria.  “Let it be that beyond friendship, we also have a business with you,” he stated.

Salisu had assuring stakeholders of his resolve to build on the achievements of former MD to propel the bank to a greater height.

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