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NYSC Camp Registration Procedure Explained

by NaijNaira
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NYSC Camp Registration Procedure

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What is the NYSC Camp registration procedure like? How long is registration for NYSC camp? What documents are required for the NYSC camp? What are the things needed for NYSC online registration? Is laptop allowed in NYSC camp? How can I survive in the NYSC camp? What is the NYSC green card slip? Has NYSC registration started for 2022?

Obviously, you are wondering what to expect in NYSC camp which I believe is the reason you are reading this post.

Anyway, I will tell you all the requirements expected of you at every stage as you go on in the course of this your orientation camp journey with the NYSC.

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NYSC Camp Requirements 2022

The following are the items you will need for the NYSC orientation camp:

  • All White Wears
  • Certificates/licenses
  • File Jackets
  • Final Year School Identity Card
  • Medical Certificate Of Fitness
  • Originals And Photocopies Of All Related Documents
  • Other Items You Need On Daily Basis
  • Passport Photographs
  • Plain White Sneakers Or Tennis Shoes
  • Stationery
  • Statements Of Result Or Certificates from the school you graduated from.
  • White Round Neck T-shirts
  • White Shorts And Socks
  • Your Nysc Call-up Letter
  • Your Students’ Identity Card Or Stamped Letter Of Identification From Your School
  • Signed Copy Of Your Green Card

Documents Required For NYSC Registration In Camp

The documents required for NYSC registration in camp are compulsory at the orientation ground. If you don’t go with them you may not be allowed to serve with that batch.

Green Card

This document that you print out in your NYSC dashboard comes out 2-5 days from the day of registration.

The Green Card is proof of successful online registration with the programme.

It contains your call-up number and other registration details and the call-up number contains details of the year you register for the programme, the school you graduated from, and your special number.

Here is what it should look like: NYSC/DSU/2019/123456.

You must print out your Green card in colour and must not be laminated.

Call-up Letter

This is another document you print out from your NYSC dashboard.

You will be notified via email when to print it but still put your ears to the ground in case you are not notified.

It normally comes out some days after the end of the online registration of each batch.

The Call-up letter shows you the State orientation camp you are posted to as well as other details.

Do not laminate it.

Medical Certificate

This certificate indicates your health status. There are two types of certificates but just one is needed. There is the medical fitness certificate and the medical report.

A medical fitness certificate is medical data that shows that you are healthy and fit for camp.

Medical report, on the other hand, shows that the PCM is not healthy and medically fit to go to Camp or participate in camp activities.

School Identification Card

If your school gave a yearly identification card, come with your final year school Identification card. However, for schools that give one card throughout, you can use that one.

Statement/Notification Of Result/Certificate

It must be endorsed by an authorized officer with an authentic signature with your institution stamp, year of graduation, degree and other relevant information. Please no forged copy. If you present a certificate, you don’t need a school identification card.

Licence/Cover Letter

You MUST present a Certificate of Fitness from a Government or Military Hospital showing your health status before you will be registered and admitted for the orientation course.

Passport Size Photograph

You must go along with passport photographs. Don’t go and use an old one, it should be as recent as possible. Red background is mostly recommended.

You must go to the orientation camp with the original of all these documents, you can make copies too.

NYSC Camp Requirements For Married Woman

If you are a married woman in NYSC camp you need to know that there are two separate issues involved in your requirements in camp.

First, if you wish to do your orientation camp where you are originally posted before being redeployed, then all the general requirements I talked about above is what you need to come with.

But if you prefer to do your orientation camp in your husbands’ place of domicile, then the new NYSC policy allows married women, pregnant and nursing mothers to present documents that show evidence of their being married to camp officials with proof of their husbands being resident in a particular State and get registered without approaching the scheme for redeployment.

The documents include:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Change of Name Proof (newspaper)
  • Husband’s place of residence
  • Identity Proof of Husband/ID Card (NIC / Driving License etc.)
  • Utility Bill
  • Husband’s Passport
  • NewsPaper change of name

Things Not Allowed In NYSC Camp

Aside from this list of things not allowed in the NYSC camp below, there are other ones too. You can help others know them by adding them to the list using the comment box.

  • Televisions
  • Pets
  • Pressing Iron
  • Boiling ring
  • Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Bicycle
  • Mufty
  • Makeup
  • Mattresses
  • Cutlers
  • Big luggage
  • Laptop
  • Suit case
  • Mirrors
  • Extension Sockets
  • Knives

Let’s now take a look at the registration procedures in the camp and their guidelines.

NYSC Camp Registration Procedure

Procedure I:

Before you are allowed entrance at the NYSC orientation camp gate, the security men would demand you show them your “Call-up Letter”. If you are able to show them, they will then search your luggage. Now, depending on the method adopted by your camp management, you be given a tag number.

Procedure II

Once you get past the security at the entrance gate, you will be directed to the second registration point where you would be allocated a hostel and bed space. Here, your tag number, if any was given to you at the gate, would be collected from you and you would be asked to write your name and other details. After that, a bed space would be allocated to you.

Procedure III

This is the verification stage where you would be required to provide the original of the following documents: Call-up letter, Statement of result, Green card, School I.D card and your Medical certificate of fitness.

Procedure IV

This stage deals with bio-metric registration where your thumbprint will be taken to see if it matches the one you did online. All your information will be cross-checked and if everything matches then they will determine the platoon you belong to. You will be given, “Camp Corps Member Registration Slip” and Temporary I.D, Certificate format, Performance report form, and Bio-data form.

Check the last digit number in your state code. It ranges from, 0 to 9.

0 is platoon 10;
1 is platoon 1;
2 is platoon 2;
3 is platoon 3
4 is platoon 4
5 is platoon 5
6 is platoon 6
7 is platoon 7
8 is platoon 8
9 is platoon 9.

Procedure V

At this point, you are almost done with the NYSC Camp registration procedure. What you need to do now is to locate your platoon with the camp corps member registration slip, Green Card, Call up letter, statement of result, to get your file, Meal ticket, and NYSC Kits.

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