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NYSC State Allowances/Salary Listed in FULL

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NYSC State Allowances

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How much is NYSC State allowances or salary? Which state pays the highest in NYSC? How much does NYSC pay corpers? How much is NYSC monthly allowance? How much is the new allowance for NYSC? How much does Lagos State pay corpers? Which State pays the highest allowance to corpers? How much do companies pay NYSC? How much do banks pay corpers?

Nigeria’s Federal Government currently pays every serving National Youth Service Corp member the sum of ₦33,000 across the country.

But because that amount of money is usually not enough to sustain corpers, some States give their own support by providing an allowance for corp members serving in their States.

The question now is how much are these NYSC State allowances?

Well, they vary from State to State…some don’t even give.

No doubt the highest paying companies for NYSC are always banks and their likes, but this article wants to focus on NYSC State allowances for now.

Which companies in lekki accept corpers? how much does bank of industry pay corpers? how much does CAC pay corpers? which companies pay corpers well in Lagos? which are the top-paying companies in Abuja?

If the above questions are what you want to find out, you may need to look elsewhere.

NYSC Allowance Payment Date

What date does NYSC pay allowance?

Your first monthly allowance will be paid to you at the orientation camp.

You are expected to receive 12 monthly allowance beginning from the one in the orientation camp.

Approval is subject to community development service (CDS) weekly attendance and monthly CDS meeting with biometric screening which is done at the beginning of the month.

Your allowee is paid into your bank account at the end of each month or the beginning of the next month. But for the December allowance, you get paid before the 25th. Also at times when other festive holidays fall almost at the end of the month, the government may pay before the holiday.

As for your last monthly allowance, you get paid on the 11th month. Your regular allowance and an extra ₦1,400 are inclusive. The extra pay is a final transport allowance that should take you back home from service.

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Let’s now look at the States that pay NYSC allowance.

NYSC State allowances 2022

Below is a list of States that pay NYSC allowance and the ones that don’t.

  1. Abia State – Pays nothing
  2. Adamawa – ₦5,000
  3. Akwa Ibom State – ₦5,000
  4. Anambra State – ₦8,000 to those in town and ₦8,500 to those in Rural areas
  5. Bauchi State – Pays nothing
  6. Bayelsa – ₦6,000 to those serving within the State Capital, ₦8,000 to those outside the capital, and ₦10,000 to those serving across the water.
  7. Benue – Pays nothing
  8. Borno – ₦10,000
  9. Cross River – Pays nothing
  10. Delta – ₦5,000
  11. Ebonyi – Pays nothing since May 2019
  12. Edo – Pays nothing
  13. Ekiti – Pays nothing
  14. Enugu – ₦983.45 to those serving within the towns and ₦3,984 to those serving in Rural areas
  15. Gombe – Pays nothing
  16. Imo – Pays nothing
  17. Jigawa –  ₦15,000 for the first three months, and then ₦10,000 every two months
  18. Kaduna – Pays nothing
  19. Kano – Pays nothing
  20. Katsina – Pays nothing
  21. Kebbi — ₦2,000 monthly
  22. Kogi – Pays nothing
  23. Kwara – Pays nothing
  24. Lagos – ₦15,000 to those serving under Education, ₦10,000 to corp members in agencies and ministries, ₦5000 to those in LGAs and ₦20,000 to medical youth corp members
  25. Nasarawa – ₦5,000
  26. Niger – Pays nothing
  27. Ogun – Pays nothing
  28. Ondo – Pays nothing
  29. Osun – ₦5,000
  30. Oyo – Pays nothing
  31. Plateau – Pays nothing
  32. Rivers – ₦15,000
  33. Sokoto –  accumulates all month and pay ₦45,000 at the end of service year
  34. Taraba – ₦6,000
  35. Yobe – Pays nothing
  36. Zamfara – ₦5,000
  37. Abuja (FCT) – Pays nothing

Let me now break this list down to show which State pays corpers most.

Which State Pays Highest In NYSC

If you are wondering which state pays NYSC corpers more, see a list of them below:

  • Lagos State
  • Akwa Ibom State
  • Anambra State
  • Delta State
  • Taraba State

Please note that all allowances are subject to change especially when government signs a new allowance into law.

And where your payment is delayed, the arrears will accumulate and be paid at a later date.

As for those on extension of service, you will be made to forfeit your allowance for the period you abscounded and only be paid half the allowance for the extension period.

And those who are remobilized after beginning the service will have to pay back all the allowances they received during their initial service.

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