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Peter Obi Addresses Allegations of Bribery Involving Rufai Oseni

by NaijNaira
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Recently, there have been baseless accusations aimed against Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), suggesting that he bribed a Nigerian television presenter named Rufai Oseni.

Obi, however, has vehemently denied these claims, labeling them as ‘malicious and cheap blackmail’.

In a statement on social media, he made it clear that he has never resorted to such tactics to promote his name or gain favor with journalists.

Instead, his focus has always been on finding solutions to the challenges facing Nigeria and uplifting its people.

Addressing the specific incident in question, Obi clarified that he attended Rufai Oseni’s father’s funeral simply as a guest and did not contribute financially to the burial.

He emphasized that he does not engage in monetary inducements to journalists or anyone else.

Celebrations and gatherings are part of his usual engagements, as he believes in empathetically standing by those who are grieving or celebrating important milestones in their lives.

Obi is well-regarded for his principled approach and commitment to addressing the issues that plague Nigeria.

Throughout his corporate and political journey, he has consistently stayed focused on the matters at hand, refusing to stoop to personal attacks or defamation.

While it is unfortunate that such false allegations have surfaced, it is crucial that we do not allow ourselves to be distracted from the urgent task of rescuing our beloved nation from the myriad challenges it faces.

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