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Phyno and Olamide’s “Ojemba” Music Video Ranks #27 on YouTube Trending Music

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Phyno and Olamide's Ojemba Music Video Ranks #27 on YouTube Trending Music

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Phyno and Olamide’s latest music video for their song “Ojemba” has quickly climbed the ranks on YouTube Trending Music, currently sitting at number 27 with over 1.1 million views just nine days after its release.

The song is a celebration of gratitude towards God, with a Phynocentric theme of being thankful for strength and resilience against enemies.

The lyrics are a mix of pidgin, English, and Yoruba, with Phyno starting off with a slow rap in pidgin before transitioning to Igbo for the last two lines of each verse.

Olamide’s bridge is faster-paced, with lyrics about perseverance and staying focused on the prize. The song has a catchy melody and uplifting rhythm, making it easy to sing along to.

The music video was filmed by PATRICKELIS and features impressive visual effects by Imicrod and Jayeola Michael.

“Ojemba” was released on April 4, 2023, under PentHauze Records.

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