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Plot to Blackmail Peter Obi Exposed!

by Vicky Oselumese
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Plot to Blackmail Peter Obi Exposed!

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Dr. Yunusa Tanko, spokesperson for the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, has revealed that there is a plot to blackmail Obi by accusing him of playing religious politics. Tanko stated that powerful political interests have recruited individuals disguised as civil society and non-governmental organizations to carry out this plot. The aim of the blackmailers is to defame Obi’s altruistic motives in supporting underprivileged Nigerians of all faiths. They falsely claim that Obi uses religious places for political campaigns off-season.

Obi’s Charity Work Predates Politics

Tanko emphasized that Obi’s charity work predates his involvement in politics. He firmly believes that his charity work is an assignment given to him by his creator. Obi understands that Nigeria is a secular state and respects the constitutional separation of church/mosque and state. Tanko reassured that Obi will not be intimidated into changing his personal disposition.

Secular State and Separation of Church/Mosque and State

Nigeria is an undisputed secular state, and it is important to respect the constitutional dictates of separating religion and state. Obi’s commitment to charity work transcends religious boundaries, as he supports underprivileged Nigerians of all faiths.

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