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Pope Francis Elevates 21 Clergymen to Cardinal Rank

by Thomasina Oseye
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Pope Francis Elevates 21 Clergymen to Cardinal Rank

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Pope Francis recently elevated 21 clergymen from various parts of the world to the rank of cardinal.

This move is seen as a way to promote diversity within the Catholic Church and solidify the Pope’s legacy and reform efforts.

The new cardinals come from countries such as France, Italy, Argentina, Switzerland, South Africa, Spain, Colombia, South Sudan, Hong Kong, Poland, Malaysia, Tanzania, Portugal, and the United States.

The selection of these individuals is closely watched as it reflects the priorities and stance of the Church.

During the ceremony, each cardinal knelt before the Pope to receive the symbols of their office, including a scarlet biretta and a cardinal’s ring.

Out of the 21 appointees, 18 are eligible to vote in the next conclave to choose the Pope’s successor.

Notably, Italian Archbishop Pierbattista Pizzaballa, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, was also included in the list of new cardinals.

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