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President Tinubu Receives Ministerial Appointment List from APC Chapters

by NaijNaira
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President Tinubu Receives Ministerial Appointment List from APC Chapters

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Several chapters of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) have compiled lists of potential ministerial appointments to be forwarded to President Bola Tinubu.

However, some groups have called for the President to avoid appointing old governors and other categories for positions.

Despite this, former governors, senators, and other bigwigs in the party have reportedly been lobbying for ministerial appointments in Tinubu’s cabinet.

Party chieftains, including ex-governors and former lawmakers who lost out in the February 25 election, have been seen frequently at the APC National Secretariat in the past few weeks to lobby for appointments.

State chapters of the APC are also vying for slots as compensation for their contribution to Tinubu’s presidential victory.

A party source confirmed that chieftains who didn’t win at the 2023 general elections but contributed immensely to Tinubu’s victory would be awarded ministerial jobs or other high-ranking positions on a quid pro quo basis.

According to the source, “You want to be appointed as a minister, but meanwhile, you were not able to even deliver your own polling unit for Asiwaju. It is not possible; this is politics.

“There are people in the party who obviously worked against us. Such people are now lobbying for ministerial slots, how is that possible? The fact that you are well-known in the party is not enough reason to be appointed. You gain favour based on the favour you render.

“There are some people who were not members of our party but fought a good fight to ensure that Asiwaju won that election; should Tinubu now abandon them and go for those who didn’t do anything just because they are party members? No, it doesn’t work like that.

“If you are not loyal, you cannot work with Bola Tinubu. He works with people he trusts, not someone who is just an APC member.”

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