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President Tinubu Vows to Continue Economic “Hardship” Reforms on Nigerians

by Vicky Oselumese
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President Tinubu Vows to Continue Economic Hardship Reforms on Nigeria

President Bola Tinubu has reiterated his administration’s unwavering commitment to implementing necessary economic reforms in Nigeria.

He made this statement during a meeting with a delegation from the Corporate Council on Africa (CCA), led by Florizelle Liser, CCA’s President and CEO.

President Tinubu emphasized the importance of these reforms in facilitating business growth and creating investment opportunities to support Nigeria’s growing population.

One of the recent achievements President Tinubu highlighted was the landing of a 45,000-kilometer submarine fiber optic cable in Akwa Ibom State.

This development establishes connectivity for the entire South-South region of Nigeria with Europe and other parts of Africa via the Atlantic Ocean.

President Tinubu recognized the significance of this accomplishment and emphasized that with the right policies, partnerships, and determination, Nigeria can overcome long-standing developmental challenges and make rapid progress across sectors.

Drawing on his experience in corporate governance and interactions with CCA during his tenure as the governor of Lagos State, President Tinubu expressed satisfaction with the Corporate Council’s dedication to fostering business connections between the United States of America and Africa.

He commended the Council’s interest in various segments of Nigeria’s economy and reaffirmed his commitment to creating an enabling environment for businesses to thrive.

President Tinubu outlined his administration’s focus on investing in key sectors such as agriculture, solid minerals, energy, health, physical infrastructure, trade promotion, financial services, digital enterprise, and the creative economy.

He emphasized that these investments are aimed at ensuring the welfare and prosperity of Nigerian citizens.

Ms. Liser, in her remarks, expressed CCA’s commitment to supporting Nigeria’s economic growth and invited President Tinubu to participate in CCA’s US-Africa Business Summit in May in Dallas, Texas.

She also urged him to consider CCA as a partner in enhancing USA-Nigeria trade, business, and investment. President Tinubu concluded by stating that his administration is determined to overcome challenges and achieve its goals.

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