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Preview of the Danish National Team at Euro 2024

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Preview of the Danish National Team at Euro 2024

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The Danish Lions are gearing up for their tenth campaign at the European Championship. The Danish national team has become a regular participant in the final stages of the European Championships, missing only six tournaments since their debut in 1964. At the upcoming Euro 2024 in Germany, the “Danish Lions” will strive to continue their successful performances in continental championships. At the time of the draw, Kaspar Juhlmand’s team was ranked 21st in the FIFA rankings.

In Group C, under Juhlmand’s guidance, Denmark will face formidable opponents in England, Serbia, and Slovenia. The schedule for the group stage matches for the Danes is as follows:

  • June 16: Slovenia vs Denmark.
  • June 20: Denmark vs England.
  • June 25: Denmark vs Serbia.

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Denmark’s Playing Style: Versatility and Unpredictability

Denmark continues to play in the concept of “total football,” where the boundaries between player positions are blurred, and versatility is the main asset. The Danes became the sensation of Euro 2020, narrowly missing the final. However, their attacking and unpredictable style remains unchanged. The Danish players constantly move around the field, interchange positions and roles, creating chaotic yet highly effective attacking combinations. In defense, their key principle is not to let the opponent settle and quickly press them out of the penalty area.

High and aggressive pressing is Juhlmand’s team’s trademark. The Danes strive to keep the opponent under constant pressure, denying them the initiative and maintaining possession. The average ball possession of 69.1% in the qualifying cycle vividly illustrates this. The versatile attack is also a strength of the Danes, skillfully combining play on the flanks and through the center, putting massive pressure on the opponent’s defense from all fronts. Quick and precise ball movement, coupled with constant player rotation, creates a nightmare for defending teams.

Strengths and Potential Weaknesses

The main strengths of the Danish team are their unparalleled team spirit, mutual understanding among players, and physical readiness. Despite the lack of a common club or academic base, the national team players act as a cohesive unit, understanding each other flawlessly at a glance. Their incredible level of physical fitness allows the Danes to impose their high tempo throughout the entire match. Opponents find it extremely challenging to cope with the pressure from versatile and selfless players, ready to press and snatch the ball at every part of the field.

However, not everything is perfect in the “Danish Lions” camp. After reaching their peak form in 2021, the team has slightly declined and faced issues with composure in crucial matches. The influx of young talents only partially compensates for this shortcoming.

Denmark’s main vulnerability remains their play without the ball. Juhlmand’s team tends to become nervous when deprived of possession for an extended period. This leads defenders to make positional mistakes and panic in dangerous situations. Despite attempts to address this issue, it remains relevant and could play a cruel trick on the ambitious team in a major tournament. The defense, in general, is far from ideal, conceding 10 goals in the qualifying group against relatively modest opponents, raising concerns. Defenders often get too involved in attacking play and struggle to get back in time, combining with their unease without the ball, forming a highly dangerous cocktail.

Team Leaders

The unquestionable leader and star of the team is Christian Eriksen. This exceptionally talented player of a truly luxurious level combines composure, phenomenal field vision, skillful reading of the game, and delicate passing technique. Eriksen is a genuine gem, indispensable for the Danish team. For Christian, the current Euro holds special motivation. Two years ago, in the previous tournament, he had to fight for his life after a cardiac arrest right on the field. Now, Eriksen thirsts for revenge and will undoubtedly be the main driving force for the Danish national team. His transfer value is estimated at €13 million.

One of those forming a formidable attacking tandem with Eriksen is the rising star Rasmus Højlund. Honing his skills at Atalanta’s academy, this forward represents the hope of a new generation of Danish football. With his qualities, Højlund has the potential to become a star at Euro 2024, as evident from his transfer price of €60-65 million.

The revelation of the current season in Danish football is striker Jonas Wind. After an outstanding season with Wolfsburg (9 goals + 6 assists), this forward managed to surpass even Eriksen in the number of assists for the national team.

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