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Rashidi Yekini cause of death finally comes to light

by NaijNaira
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Rashidi Yekini cause of death

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Rashidi Yekini cause of death remains a mystery, with various theories and suggestions surrounding the circumstances.

Some believe that he may have suffered from depression, possibly triggered by financial loss and disappointment in his career.

Others speculate that he may have been murdered, with claims that he was abducted and subjected to a questionable treatment for his supposed “insanity.”

However, Yekini’s daughter denies that he had mental health issues and emphasizes that he should be remembered for his contributions to Nigerian football.

Regardless of the uncertainties surrounding his death, Yekini’s impact on Nigerian football cannot be understated.

He played a pivotal role in elevating the Super Eagles to international recognition and establishing them as a formidable team in the World Cup.

Cause of Rashidi Yekini’s death remains a topic of controversy and speculation

According to his mother, Sikiratu, she denies any involvement in his death and expresses her ongoing pain and grief over losing her son.

She explains that Yekini was taken by his younger brother and sister to an unknown place for treatment, as they believed he was mentally unstable.

They sought help from a traditional healer.

Sikiratu refutes claims that Yekini was killed by his family and emphasizes that he was the breadwinner of the family and had even built a house for her.

Exact cause of Yekini’s death remains unclear

It is deeply unfortunate that priority is not given to remembering Rashidi Yekini, who gave his all to our country.

Yekini was a prolific striker and played a key role in some of Nigeria’s greatest moments on the pitch.

He was the Super Eagles’ all-time leading scorer and scored Nigeria’s first ever World Cup goal.

Despite his incredible achievements, there has been no proper commemoration or investigation into his death.

It is shocking that after 11 years, we still do not know how he died.

Yekini deserved better treatment both in life and in death.

He should be remembered as the legend that he was.

It is disheartening that there has been no support or recognition from Nigeria’s football establishment.

Yekini needed help, but he was failed by the entire football community.

It is a sad reality that there is no proper commemoration to honor him, and it is a shame that many young people may not even know about his incredible achievements.

More should have been done to honor and remember the best striker Nigeria ever had.

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