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How To Register For GTB GAPS Online Login

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How To Register For GTB GAPS

Do you know how to register for GTB GAPS? I’m talking about that secure web-based service that uses secured (HTTPS) connections over the Internet to facilitate the processing of Local and International payments.

Alright, let me take it from the top and let you know what GAPS is.

GAPS is an acronym for Guaranty Trust Bank Automated Payment Systems. This is the bank‘s Corporate Internet Banking service that allows corporate customers to have access to their transactions and accounts 24/7.

Do you know what’s more? The bank now also has GAPS-Lite, which is the app version of GAPS designed for Sole proprietorship accounts/small businesses (SMEs).

Let me first itemize the basic functions, features and benefits of GAPS then I will touch on the one of GAPS-Lite afterwards.

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Basic Functions of GTB GAPS


  1. Single & Multiple (Batch/Bulk) payments to any Bank account (Local and International)
  2. Payroll Payments e.g. Salaries, Bonuses
  3. Trade & Regulatory payments (Custom duties, Tax & Remita Payments)
  4. Airtime Top-up – Ability to purchase airtime for single or multiple devices for corporate use.
  5. Own account Transfers
  6. Single & Bulk Cheque confirmation

Account Monitoring

  1. Generate Account Statements
  2. Online real-time account monitoring etc.

Features (Register For GTB GAPS)

  1. Role-based system each user is given a role with specific functions e.g. Uploader, Reviewer, Approver etc
  2. Multi-user solution- supports multiple users for each role
  3. Two-Phase Login – every user logs in with an access code in addition to a unique username and password
  4. Two-factor token authentication – approvers are issued hardware token devices which generate a dynamic password to authenticate log-in.
  5. Multi-level transaction authorization – No single user can commence and conclude a transaction except otherwise stated on the account mandate
  6. Integrates seamlessly to alternative payment channels (via Webservice – API, SWIFT)
  7. Full audit ability
  8. Comprehensive reports – ability to generate payment reports, approval reports etc
  9. Customizable – the system can be customized to meet specific corporate requirements


  1. Efficient and secure channel for making payments and collections
  2. Ability to initiate and monitor payments from any location in the world (in local and foreign currency)
  3. Ease of fulfilling your obligations in a timely fashion
  4. Elimination of cheque-books
  5. Online real-time access to your account
  6. Configuration flexibility to align with your payment process flow

GAPS-Lite App

As I said earlier, let me now outline the features and benefits of GAPS-Lite which is available for download via the respective App Stores of smartphones that run on Android and iOS.

Once you have downloaded the GTWorld Mobile App, you can switch to GAPS-Lite on the application.


  1. Advanced security with multi-factor authentication
  2. Airtime and Data purchase
  3. Transfers and Bill Payments
  4. Loan requests etc.


  1. Convenient banking on the go (i.e. access your account on mobile devices)
  2. Online real-time transaction monitoring thus improving your operational control

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How To Register For GTB GAPS account online

  1. Go over to the GAPS page at https://www.gtbank.com/business-banking/sme-banking/e-business-services/gaps
  2. Select ‘Login’, click on ‘Register’ on the bottom left and fill in the required details
  3. Now download the application form and submit it at any GTBank branch in Nigeria
  4. You will be given a token device (if you don’t have one already) to make transactions
  5. Is your registration successful? You will now get an access code, a username and a password
  6. After registration, go to the link above on a webpage to complete your registration, and enter your access code, username and password
  7. You will be redirected to a page where you can enter your token code. This code can be gotten on the GTBank token device that you were given. On this device, press the white tab, and your token code will appear. Enter this token in the space on the webpage. C’est fini!
  8. Select ‘continue’, and you will arrive at your dashboard

How To Make Payments Transactions With GAPS

GTBank GAPS to GTBank account

  1. Log in and click on Single Transaction on your dashboard
  2. Select Initiate GTB Transfer, and pick the Beneficiary. If it is a new Beneficiary, select ‘Add Beneficiary’, and add the beneficiary’s details
  3. Choose the account to debit and enter the amount to transfer to the receiver
  4. Click on your token device and enter the generated token number to complete the transaction

GTBank GAPS to Other Banks

The process is the same as the one above, the only difference is that when you log in, you will need to select Single Transaction, then select Initiate Instant Payments.

Check GTBank GAPS Account Balance

To know your account balance on GTBank GAPS  is quite simple. Once you have logged in, your name will be displayed on top of your dashboard and your account balance will be right there too. Have you seen it?

Now if you have more than one account, just click on Account Information > Balance Enquiry > select the account, and your balance will be displayed.

How To Register For GTB GAPS Online

To register for GTBank GAPS online, just on which of the products you want: GAPS or GAPS-Lite.

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Wrap Up How To Register For GTB GAPS

That’s all on how to register for GTB GAPS. If you wish to change or replace your profiled email address, for GAPS-Lite, give an instruction with your company letterhead while for GAPS, a board resolution will be required to effect the change.

Note that the local transfer limit is N250MM per transaction, and as for the daily foreign transfer limit (where the source of funds is via cash deposit) it is $10,000 daily and $50,000 weekly or its equivalent in other currencies. Meanwhile, there is no limit for FX transfers where the source of funds is via SWIFT transfer.

If you encounter any issue or problem, visit the GTB Help Centre or Call +234 700 4826 66328, +234 1 448 0000. Let me leave you with GTBank GAPS terms and conditions.

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