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REVEALED! Why Osimhen Outshined Haaland in 2023

by NaijNaira
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REVEALED! Why Osimhen Outshined Haaland in 2023

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In a recent interview, former Inter Milan striker Mario Balotelli expressed his admiration for both Erling Haaland and Victor Osimhen, but ultimately stated that he would choose Osimhen over Haaland.

Osimhen, who played a crucial role in Napoli’s Serie A title win, scored 25 league goals in 31 games.

On the other hand, Haaland had an impressive first year in England, scoring 36 goals in 35 matches for Manchester City.

Both players have also performed well in European competitions.

While Haaland may have higher potential, Balotelli believes that Osimhen brings more to the game and can excel in various aspects on the pitch.

“Haaland is extraordinary. Mino Raiola had had great intuition about him too. Assist men in City: Guardiola knows how to serve him and he is a formidable sniper. Inter also have top-level strikers, they will be very open. Who is the strongest striker in the world? The numbers say Haaland, but for me, it’s a matter of taste. Osimhen, for example, is special. He can do everything on the pitch, a bit like me in my green years,” Balotelli told Calciomercato.

It remains to be seen if Osimhen will make a move to the Premier League in the upcoming season, but any potential suitors will have to pay a hefty price to secure his services from Napoli.


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