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Rihanna Jokes About Baby Son’s Reaction to Upcoming Sibling

by NaijNaira
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Rihanna Jokes About Baby Son's Reaction to Upcoming Sibling

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Rihanna, the famous musician and pop superstar, shared a humorous moment with her fans when she posted a photograph on Instagram of her newborn son apparently upset that he won’t be accompanying his mother to the upcoming Academy Awards ceremony.

Rihanna’s pregnancy was only revealed last month after she performed at the Super Bowl in Arizona.

She will be performing an Oscar-nominated track at the ceremony on March 12th at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.

In a video clip shared by Rihanna, her infant son can be seen calmly sitting on her lap while watching her music video for “Lift Me Up.”

The song received an Oscar nomination for best original song and has earned multiple nominations throughout the 2023 awards season.


Additionally, Rihanna shared a close-up photograph of her son’s face with a joking caption that he is upset about not being taken to the Oscars like his soon-to-be-born sibling.

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