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Simi Reveals She Never Intended to Marry Adekunle Gold

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Simi Reveals She Never Intended to Marry Adekunle Gold

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Nigerian singer, Simi, recently opened up about her relationship with husband, Adekunle Gold, stating that she never intended to marry a musician.

In an interview on the ‘Tea With Tay’ podcast, Simi shared the story of how she met Adekunle and how her perception of him changed over time.

Simi initially met Adekunle Gold when he reached out to her on Facebook. However, she didn’t see his message or respond to it at the time.

She revealed that she didn’t even know he was a singer because she had made up her mind not to marry a musician. Simi thought he was just a fan who happened to be a graphics designer.

Despite her initial reservations, Simi sensed that there was something special about Adekunle and decided to give him a chance.

As they got to know each other better, her feelings towards him grew, and they eventually got married in January 2019. They now have a beautiful daughter named Adejare.

In addition to sharing her love story, Simi also announced that she will be releasing an album this year. The singer, who was featured on Alicia Keys’ tour, expressed her belief in allowing women to choose their own paths.

She stated that if a woman wants to be a full-time housewife with multiple nannies, she should be allowed to do so, as true freedom lies in following one’s own desires.


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