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Money identified as reason Kim Kardashian will go back to Kanye West

by NaijNaira
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Money reason Kardashian will go back to Kanye

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Kim Kardashian is very much likely to go back to her ex-husband Kanye West, after recently breaking up with comedian Pete Davidson.

The 41-year-old will turn to her estranged partner of seven years, according to netizens.

“If you had to pick one of these to be your baby daddy, who would you [choose]?” a fan inquired on Reddit, making viewers choose between Tristan Thompson, Kevin Federline and Kanye West.

One person commented: “Kanye because he cares about his kids.”

Kim Kardashian and estranged ex, comedian Pete Davidson

Another added: “Kanye because even though he’s sh**ty to Kim he seems like the best dad out of all three.”

A third commented: “Kanye because I actually agree with him on how he wants to raise his kids.”

While a fourth comment reasoned: “Kanye cause at least he has millions of dollars and just [one] baby mama.”

Representing Kim’s point of view, one, however, said: “I get why people picked Kanye but I’m scared and I seriously wouldn’t want to deal with him or have to see him knowing how good he was when things were good. It’s too much.”

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