Startimes Nigeria: Decoder Price, Packages and Channels 2021

Startimes Nigeria is a subsidiary of Startimes Media, a Chinese based company. This pay tv is a digital terrestrial television (DTT) network services brought to Nigeria by NTA star tv network limited.

startimes Nigeria

This article contains everything you need to know about startimes from current price of decoder in Nigeria to packages / bouquets and channels or stations under them.

Brief History of Startimes Tv in Nigeria

Startimes tv Nigeria is managed by Nta star tv network and was the first digital Tv to hit Nigerian market earlier in 2010.

It uses DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcast on Terrestrial) technology which does not requires the installation of dish to deploy its services.

This technology has since then been upgraded to DVB-T2.

First set of customers that bought the DVB-T decoders can only use it in the first four (4) cities their service was initially launched. Which are Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt and Kano.

The new DVB-T2 technology will works anywhere in the country where they operates or where their services has been extended to.

Introduction of Startimes digital tv to Nigerian market in 2010 challenge dstv which happens to be the most popular dish based pay-tv.

Reason being startimes decoder and subscription packages can be afforded by an average Nigerian.

As a result of this, Multichoice Africa (dstv’s parent company) launch a new product (GoTv) to tackle startimes in 2012.

It has been a tight competition between startimes Nigeria and GoTv Nigeria over the past 10 years. This has aided in the slashing of decoder and packages price.

Startimes has recently launched new set of decoders with technonogy better than DVB-T2. In fact their latest and most expensive decoder uses dish.

How Much is Startimes Decoder 2021: Current Price in Nigeria

Price of startimes decoder changes from time to time. The company run promo offers during festive period which in most cases slash down its price.

startimes decoder

But this article will be updated anytime there is a change in price. Below are the current price of their decoders (February 2021).

Startimes decoder is packed with a remote, in-door antenna and a free one month subscription.

  • DTT Decoder: 9,400 Naira. Comes with Antenna + 1 Month Classic
  • DTT Decoder Only: 7,600 Naira. Comes with 1 Month Classic
  • DTH Decoder: 13,200 Naira. With Dish and its accessories + 1 Month Super
  • DTH Decoder: 11,200 Naira. With Dish and its accessories + 1 Month Smart

Their 10m yagi out door antenna can be bought separately for N1,900 Naira.

startimes yagi antenna

About activation, your startimes decoder will be activated by the dealer or an agent from the retail outlet you buy it from.

Startimes Packages: Price and Channels 2021

The following are startimes bouquet and their monthly renewal prices for decoders with antenna and dish:

  • Classic: 2500 Naira
  • Basic: 1700 Naira
  • Nova: 900 Naira
  • Chinese: 6600 Naira
  • Super: 4200 Naira
  • Smart: 2200 Naira
  • Sport Plus: 1200 Naira

The first 3 packages on the list (Classic, Basic and Nova) are for those using the DTT decoder with antenna while the remaining are for DTH decoder that uses dish.

Though, the dish also have a Nova bouquet which cost the same thing as that of antenna, they have different stations.

Now, let us take the bouquet one after the other and list out the channels under each of them.

List of Startimes Classic Channels

  • ST Adepa
  • ST Nollywood Plus
  • EuroSport News
  • ID
  • DreamWorks
  • Fine Living
  • ST Bollywood
  • Baby Tv
  • E!
  • Cbeebies
  • Fox News
  • Start Gold
  • Fox
  • NGW
  • TLNovelas
  • ESPN 2
  • ST Movies Plus
  • ST Sports Premium
  • NGC
  • ST World Football HD
  • Discovery Family
  • Star Plus
  • Colors
  • MTV Base
  • SmithSonian Channel
  • Fashion One
  • ST Novela E Plus

Classic is the most expensive package for antenna decoder. It comes with 27 premium channels from sports to movies, music and news. It costs N2500 to renew monthly.

List of Startimes Basic Channels

  • Nina Tv E
  • ST Rise
  • TVC News
  • Al Jazeera
  • ST SA Music
  • BBC World News
  • Love Nature
  • Nickelodeon
  • NTA Parliamentary
  • ST Sports Life
  • E. Tv
  • NTA E
  • Area Ten
  • ST Zone
  • ST Sports Arena
  • Star Life
  • Sky News
  • Nigezie
  • AMC Movies
  • ST Sino Drama
  • ESPN
  • Toonami
  • TBN
  • CGTN Documentary
  • TBN Yetu
  • ST Novela E
  • TNT Africa
  • Zee Cinema
  • ST Gospel
  • Africa News
  • ST Yoruba
  • Trace Mziki
  • FOX Life
  • ST Kids
  • NGW
  • EWTN
  • CNBC
  • Arewa 24
  • Isi Mbido
  • ST Naija

Basic package comes with 40 stations and its renewal fee is 1700 Naira every month.

I know, it comes with more stations that classic that is expensive than it but it is not about quantity but quality.

List of Startimes Nova Channels (Antenna Decoder)

  • Nigbati Tv
  • E-Stars
  • Wap Tv
  • Wazobia
  • CNC World
  • JimJam
  • Orisun
  • CGTN
  • Dove Tv
  • AWA Tv
  • ST Dadin Kowa
  • Farin Wata
  • Race Tv
  • Liberty
  • ST KungFu
  • NTA News 24
  • NTA Knowledge
  • NTA Hausa
  • AMC
  • Emmanuel Tv
  • Galaxy Tv
  • Iqraa
  • NTA Yoruba
  • ST Guide
  • TVBC
  • Plus Tv Africa
  • TVC NG
  • NTA Igbo
  • ST Sports Focus
  • Border Tv

Nova antenna Package comes with 30 stations and it costs 900 Naira to renew every month.

List of Startimes Super Channels

  • MTV Base
  • Baby Tv
  • Ebony Life
  • Bloomberg
  • ST Nollywood Plus
  • FOX
  • NGC
  • Fox News
  • ST Bollywood
  • ST Sports Premium
  • ST World Football HD
  • ESPN 2
  • Star Gold
  • Fuel Tv
  • ST Novela E Plus
  • Colors
  • ST Movies Plus
  • Classica
  • DreamWorks
  • SmithSonian Channel
  • ID
  • Cbeebies

Super bouquet has 25 stations and cost 4200 Naira to renew every month.

List of Startimes Smart Channels

  • Nina Tv E
  • ST Africa
  • Sky News
  • Zee Cinema
  • ST Sports Life
  • Fine Living
  • DW
  • Toonami
  • Al Jazeera
  • ST Sports Arena
  • JimJam
  • Star Plus
  • TNT Africa
  • Dove Tv
  • ST Sino Drama
  • BBC World News
  • ST Novela E
  • Nickelodeon
  • France 24 E
  • E!
  • Star Life
  • ST Rise
  • Srea Ten
  • Fashion One
  • TBN Yetu
  • ESPN
  • Love Nature
  • Nigezie
  • ST SA Music
  • Africa News
  • ST Yoruba
  • ST Kids
  • NGW
  • EWTN
  • NDTV 24X7
  • Arewa 24
  • ISI Mbido
  • ST Naija
  • Trace Mziki

Smart bouquet comes with 39 stations and cost 2200 Naira every 30 days.

List of Startimes Sports Plus Channels

  • ST Sports Premium
  • ST Sports Life
  • ST Sports Arena
  • ST World Football HD

This bouquet is something numerous dstv subscribers have been yawning for for years now. A standalone package for sport channels. It is super cool and cost 1200 Naira monthly.

List of Startimes Nova Channels (Dish Decoder)

  • Nigbati Tv
  • E-Stars
  • WAP Tv
  • AMC Movies
  • CNC World
  • NTA Sports 24
  • Orisun
  • AIT
  • NBS
  • CCTV 4
  • E. Tv
  • Farin Wata
  • Da Vinci
  • CGTN Documentary
  • ST KungFu
  • ST Dadin Kowa
  • TVC News
  • ST Swahili
  • Mindset Learn
  • Emmanuel Tv
  • Channels
  • Iqraa
  • ST Sports Focus
  • ST Gospel
  • CGTN F
  • Plus Tv Africa
  • BTV
  • ST Zone
  • Channel Ten
  • Border Tv

Nova dish package comes with 30 stations and its monthly renewal fee is 900 Naira.

Final Thought

Right now, the only reason numerous Nigerians hasn’t switched to startimes might have something to do with the rights to show Premier League, La Liga and Champions League.

The moment they secure those rights, we can confidently say, let the competition begins.

Because every other category such as movies (especially), documentary, music, news etc are on the same par with dstv and gotv.

Yes, i know that there is still no CNN but you have Fox News, BBC World News, CNBC and CGTN.

Their packages are cheap and from the list of channels on each of them, you immediately know which one is for you and which one isn’t.

I did not talk about the chinese package on purpose because as a Nigerian, i doubt you will be paying to watch the package.

My name is Rasaq Olayemi. Being a user of the services provided by most Nigerian banks and satellite tv providers, I decided to create this blog to help people that are new to them.

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  1. Ibrahim zainab o

    Dear star time officials….I just have a question for you guys….why can’t you people include Zeeworld and Telemundo in the list of your channels….trust me if you can do dis,your company will progress greatly because there are some state dat Gotv cant really work because of network and in such case,we can depend only on star time and the channel we like watching are not in it. I will be grateful if my message is put into action .thanks.

    1. Juliet

      They should add Disney and Televista as well

  2. salami

    Please be the first to start pay as you view and stop cheating us!

  3. Ajayi Olagoke

    I recharge wrongly into this account 02027179317 on Sunday 25 June by. first mobile money with the reference 1094552911600 my account number are 02027179310

  4. Olajide Yemi

    please kindly send the new price of basic package to my mail box

  5. jibril A

    Good evening,
    I requested for an account reset so as to view the channels I paid for via your call line but it’s taking like forever for that to be done. Kindly assist.
    Acct: 02139120596
    Bouquet paid: Unique
    Amount: 3600

  6. Osegboun Anthony

    startimes please will you give us the live match of Chelsea vs Arsenal on Saturday 22/7/17?


    please i will like to have an account with you so that i can manage my connection to you. i am in Bamenda Cameroon and i am currently paying to someone. can you do something?



  9. Ayodeji

    how much is the price of star time decoder

  10. Matthew Adewale

    How much is Basic banquet?I recharged with #1200 only for not finding the following channels;Nigezie,Nickledeon and TBN….I was told it belongs to Basic banquet…so that makes me wonder which plan I subcribed for.pls you guys should try as much as you can to be more transparent in your dealings.

  11. Monday

    Hello I subscribed for basic with 1,200 naira today but is only nova stations that are on please what is the problem

  12. Rev. C. Omusuo

    Pls I just paid 1000 naira thru gtbank but can’t access the network. Please, do help me.

  13. Ubong sunday

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  19. Egbikor Nancy

    I subsribed for Basic bouquet, 1300 Naria plus bank charges. And up till now it hasn’t shown any channel. My decoder number is 01467200468. And also this is the second time I am complaining about this. Can you guys rectifer this as soon a possible

  20. Otota, L. E.

    Start ones, pls is ur promo of additional two wks stl on? My Nova Bouquet jst expired today & I want to recharge 02110691371. Snd reply tru 08131866127 urgt.

  21. Otota, L. E.

    I mean Startimes NOT Start Ones. Sorry for d system error, pls.


    send phone contact for Jos,Plateau State office sir/ma

  23. Julius Ojo

    I am seriously missing WWE wrestling on etv, that was the main reason, apart from the good rate & digital pictures, that I embraced StarTimes.
    You will need to quickly get one of the SuperSport channels that now show WWE on your platform to retain some of us. We are just waiting awhile to see what you will do about this.

  24. Kingsley

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  26. Olanipekun Diran

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  27. Abayomi Owa

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  29. Akinola

    Sir, I on NOVA platform, which used to be #1300 here in Ondo towm, i was told that it has gone down to #1000, i paid the #1000 to recharge in one of your outlets in Ondo. 4 days on now, i can not watch Aljazeera, BBC and other channels of interest. What is the problem please.

  30. Aderibigbe

    Good morning..I really need ur help, I recharge 800 for my star
    time subscription via my GTB yesterday 10th of November
    2017…nd its has not been activated nd it had been deducted
    from my account. my smart card number is 02027860077

  31. Aderinlewo Adesoji

    I heard the scrapping away of Unique bouquet, when is this going to be effected and hope our best Basic channels won’t disappear to reappear on Classic Bouquet? Please I need clarity……

  32. Ajayi Ebenezer

    Please I just subcribed yesterday for unique bouquet of N3,800. Although I was subscribing for Basic Bouquet before. Now am still finding it difficult to access the channels(unique bouquet) I paid for only limited to Basic Bouquet subscription. Please check in with this 01467048019, My phone no is 08029164817

  33. Matt

    I’m trying to subscribe on my
    Startimes decoder though it’s been 2 years since I used it last decided to subscribe on it using my mobile banking on my phone and all it tells me
    Is expired transaction what’s the reason for this

  34. Ajayi Ebenezer

    Please I just subcribed yesterday for unique bouquet of N3,800. Although I was subscribing for Basic Bouquet before. Now am still finding it difficult to access the channels(unique bouquet) I paid for only limited to Basic Bouquet subscription. Please check in with this 01467048019, My phone no is 08029164817

    I am still waiting for upgrade and correction

  35. george

    hw much is startime nw pls i want 2 get i live @ warri delta state

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    Irecharged my start time decoder with 1300 naira and its lasted only 10days what is the problem? inspite of all this i can,t even find a single channel that show wrestling pls add a channel that shows wrestling or i trow away my start time decoder smart card No:01831548999

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  40. Chinyere odionye

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  41. Samuel Mokuwa

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  42. justin uzodinma

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  43. Mc OMOH


  44. Tosin

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    I made a payment of #3,900.00 through gtbank this morning but till now, my decoder is only showing on channel 1.
    Please help.

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  48. Okafor Gloria

    Please I have just recharged for 1month basic bouquet for #1,300 after a long time but none of the stations is showing other than the free to air. My registered phone number is 08069720422.

    1. Naij Naira

      Kindly restore your decoder (Settings >> Decoder Information >> Restore. Password is 0000, you will need it).

  49. Andoji kefas

    I subscribe to the star times classic package,but most of the channels like iroko,bet,e-entertainment,channels etc are all not showing.what do I do.

    1. Naij Naira

      You can contact customer care using any of the above contact details or try and restore your decoder (Settings >> Decoder Information >> Restore. If you are asked of password, put 0000). I also face the same issue couple of weeks ago, restoring worked for me.

  50. Abiola Ayodele Omosanya

    Please, I made payment of basic, and my decoder isn’t really connected 02146451174,dont know what happened.

  51. Mohammed sonubi

    Pls I subscribe on my star time and still telling me no subscription, ps help me out
    My card no :01831269041

    1. Naij Naira

      It will pick up. If it doesn’t, scroll up a little and learn how to restore your decoder.

  52. Mrs T.D Akinpelu

    please i subscribed for 1200 basic since Thursday and up till now, no station has come up. i have done restore settings still not coming up.

    1. Naij Naira

      This is terrible, sorry for the inconveniences. Kindly reach out to customer care via 094618888 or 014618888. Make sure you have your decoder details as well as owner’s information in place.

  53. Idowu bolajoko

    My decoder has not been showing since January, it has been saying empty channels

    1. Naij Naira

      Try and restore it. Settings >> Decoder Information >> Restore >> Code is 0000. If that doesn’t work, contact them on 094618888 or 014618888.

  54. mathias

    Hello good morning, my decoder is’nt work Saying All the time: channel list is upderting,please wait..ans I forget my pin code son I would like you restore it for me is my devoder’s no:29372816485886526. Ans my card no:01831099142

  55. Kate

    Pls always display big brother naija for us. thanks.

  56. Uwemedimo Nkantah

    Paid N1,000 last week as a month’s subscription for the Startimes live TV on my android (itel 1556 plus).
    However, for 2 days now I’ve not been able to watch any video. When the app is opened, it writes ‘subscribe’.
    What is the problem & what should I do to live world cup matches

  57. OgunsanwoAlfred

    I want to know the new subscription because I using starsat dish .

  58. Nurudeen

    Hello,we use to watch WWe wrestling on e entertainment but it has been removed. Startimes should create a wrestling channels just like dstv.The current one you’re showing is odd.pls replace it with wwe.

  59. Luke

    who need my startime decoder this is not good enough.
    Look at nova and basic package is a joke.
    let me selle this decoder to aboki condem

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    I was on basic bouquet but I have just paid #2,600 this night for classic bouquet. Yet I find myself Nova bouquet. Kindly update my package to classic bouquet monthly. Thank you

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    Pls I have subscribed over an hour without any confirmation and I have being debited

  62. ogbu Isaiah uchechukwu

    Please,is there no free- to-air channels in startime?


    My UBA account was debited with #13650,and I only try to subscribe for basic but it was not recharge, kindly help me on this
    I use this code:*322*1*240617933*1300#
    My number. 08032934464

    1. Naij Naira

      Quickteller web is the best way to subscribe to most of this Pay Tv in opinion. Have you been using this code before? I think you should contact startimes customer service to resolve this quickly. That’s over 12,000 Naira extra.

  64. Patience

    can i get the card without buying a new decoder. my card got broken

  65. Gbenga

    How can I DIY my subscription please. Can you give me options? And how can I access the classic 1900 promo

  66. Chinwendu

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  67. Tunde Ajayi

    I want to know if Startimes will be showing Europa league matches and on what channel.

    1. Naij Naira

      Yes, on the sport channels.

  68. Blessing Edwin

    you guys should include zee world and telemundo in your channel options.if you can do that we your customers will really appreciate it.Thank you.

  69. John Clinton

    I just installed Star times on the 13th of October, 2018 but some channels are not showing and they are saying i should subscribe please put it in order.08085048290

  70. Kenneth

    i am on basic bouquet of 1300 naira that is entitled over 60 channels yet its only 27 channels that is showing, my smart card number is 02110448252

  71. Steve

    Please my decoder is showing SMARTCARD ERROR, I have recharge and restored to factory setting yet no change. Only Guide is showing.

    1. Naij Naira

      Try and visit any Startimes outlet in your area or get in touch with their customer care.

  72. AKINTOYE, V.0

    i bought a new conbo decoder on 14/9/2017, got it activated/ registered but NEVER connected because i had the decoder using aerial antenna (02110886258). i however activated the new combo decoder (01831330145)on Saturday November 4, 2018 with a starTimes dish installed and payments made on it via mobile application transferred and #1,405 deducted from my account.
    MY COMPLAINS: (I). my installer mistakenly changed my view to NOVA, on 6/11/18 via the StarTimes mobile app i change it to SMART but notice that not all channels said to be for SMART are showing. KINDLY HELP, WHAT COULD BE THE PROBLEM?

  73. Daniel

    I am in the basic bouquet of #1300 but cannot watch Aljazeera,CNN or BBC. What could have caused this ?

    1. Naij Naira

      Reset your decoder or contact customer care.

  74. Oguntola felix

    Good morning please am having issue with my startime decoder I subscribe last week Saturday and for days now my startime have been showing software upgrade) please I will be glad if you can help me solve it asap my smart no02110822559 oguntola Felix olufemi

  75. Mohammed waziri

    wish one have a zee world and how much the price for reach

  76. OKany chukwudubem c

    am finding it difficult to view channels list.
    card number 02110801606
    always display software upgrade still can’t upgrade.
    please reply via my email

  77. Adun Faith

    Goodafternoon Sir,i change the location of the decoder from Lagos to Ekiti No:02027055289 and I recharged on nova package to and I still giving me no signal… kindly help me out so that children can enjoy it this Xmas… Thanks

  78. Walter

    Will startimes display Big brother 9ja this year on any of their TV stations


    Startime package is very cheap compare to others.

  80. minari

    startimes, why will it take u a whole day to respond to a simple call at my own expense?
    I just recharged tru unity bank mobile app n its not coming up having received an alert showing deductions from my acct. Plz Wat’s wrong?

  81. Lucky Patrick

    Startimes pls why is it that anytime I subscribe for one month it doesn’t last up to one month its just 2 weeks.I subscribed on the 16th of march #900 ands it has expired today 24th of march.This is not the first time its happening. Card number 02027445928

  82. Princess

    Plz what happened to Amc series. Can’t find it in my combo decoder anymore what should I do.

  83. samuel

    why is it that startimes are nt veiwing the u20 world cup

  84. Achike ejem

    Startimes will you guys show Afcon and EPL next season,we deserve to watch English league on startimes

  85. Bankole Ayo Sunday

    Pls how can you connect me my brother was using Star time and since 2015 He abandon it and travel to USA but now I wanted to be using it how can I be connected

  86. Chaps

    Startimes you are useless no more wrestling, no UCL matches no EPL matches we don’t mind dumping you for gotv or Dstv that gives us that. Pooooooor customer services. I will have to burn mine a buy DSTV

  87. Nwaogwu Rita Ngozi

    Please, I made three times payments of 1300 each on this account IUC no. 02145735886, Emeka Nweke by name. How do I get my 2600 back?

  88. ABDUR rauf maruf a.

    On my mobile application I load nova yesterday 3,12,2019, #1000.but mistakenly put smart card no in reference No,but not load till now.1000 was deducted.

  89. Oluwole

    I live at sango in ogun state, where can i swap my old startime decoder to the new one and much can it cost me

  90. Samuel Opeyemi

    Please I made a payment subscription on Nova bouquet but orisun has not been showing for the past 5days now

  91. Angela Emeh

    I recharged startimes basic
    package early march 2020
    and couldn’t find most of the
    channels like- st. kunfu, novela e,
    sino drama,tbn,,novela plus emmanuel tv, dove etc. I placed
    a call to customer service and they
    said i should keep turning the
    antenna which i did but it didnt yield
    any result. I have recharged again same thing. What do i do because it
    is very frustrating when i can’t watch
    my favourite sino drama.

  92. Kay

    Yeah please can I still swap the decoder and how much is the fee for swapping it?

  93. Doris

    I recharge startimes basic for 1300 and it’s expired was after two weeks why so

    1. Steve

      I had same experience several times before they took my two subscriptions without any access. I am done with startime

  94. Henrietta

    Very bad that I recharged startime classic twice now as a new Costumer each time it expired 11 days after subscription this is stealing not up to one month am done with startime.I preferred Gotv

  95. owolabi

    Pls I recharge startimes nova for 900 but it expired after 2weeks. Decoder number :02110979510

  96. yahaya Ohi

    what does it take to use startimes decoder that was given to me but not working after try to connect.

  97. Tricia

    I have a startimes decoder, but I don’t subscribe it because there is no CNN and Telemundo channels on any of their packages. The moment they add CNN at least, I’ll be their number one fan , because, I think startimes is great and will take over the market if there is CNN- the best news channel for the matured minds!

  98. Aji Dahiru

    Mine is question, I’m using antenna with startime decorder, I want to change the antenna to use dish. please is it possible to replace dish with antenna with one decorder????


    I subscribed #1900 instead of #2500 bcoz I have no idea about the new rates. Can I add balance of #600 or just leave like that?

  100. Modupe

    Good morning please I subscribed on Nova,but to my surprise orisun and some channels are not working,please I need a help on this

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