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Top 10 Wealthiest Video Game Players In The World

by Abiodun Apena
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Before now gaming used to be some sort of enjoyment and fun particularly for gaming enthusiast who uses it to relax, however, it has since evolved into one of the most remarkable and rewarding occupation worldwide.

Due to the global expansion and the evolving of gaming business across the globe, there are many players in every country who uses gaming mastering to amassed lot of cash for themselves in terms of their net-worth.

What do gaming players do and how rich are they? Gamers are proactive enthusiasts who engage in long-term interactive gameplay, particularly video games like XBOX, FIFA, or skill-based card games e.t.c

Here Are The List Of The Wealthiest Video-Game Players In The World.

10. John Sundstein – ($7m)

John Sundstein better known as ‘Notail’ is a Danish professional Dota 2 player for OG, who has played in four iterations of The International winning in 2018 and 2019.

Notail has also won four Major Championships aside the ones he won in 2018 and 2019, and he’s widely known as one of the wealthiest eSports players of all time having amassed a lot of money in gaming.

He started playing Heroes of Newerth professionally at the young age of 15, taking on the role of the solo middle that made him grown into one of the finest pro-gamers in the world with a smiling account worth $7million.

9. Timothy John Betar – ($8m)

Another money-speaking among the richest gamers in the world is Timothy John Betar better known as ‘TimTheTatman’ by his fans. Timothy is a Monster Energy eSports athlete who is sponsored by Audio-Technica.

The Twitch streamer and pro-gamer is reported to have more than 4 million followers and primarily enjoys playing and broadcasting CS, GO, Overwatch, and Fortnite.

While TimTheTatman is seen as one of the best pro-gamer and streamer in the world having won the Gamer’s Choice Awards in 2020 for the category of beat content creator of the year, he’s also ranked as one of the richest on our list with a net-worth of $8million.

8. Sean McLoughlin – ($16m)

Sean McLoughlin, also known as ‘Jacksepticeye’ is an Irish YouTuber cum pro-gamer. Sean is best known for his Vlogs and Comedic Let’s Play series that is well famous among his fans across the globe.

As reported his channel has over 15.8 billon views and 28.9 million subscribers who get entertained listening to him on how he played and discussed video-games. Jacksepticeye is also a co-founder of Cloak clothing line, alongside fellow YouTuber Markiplier.

While Sean McLoughlin is known to be one of the most famous gamer in the world, report also has it that he’s among the wealthiest video-gamer in the world with a mouthwatering profits of $11million.

7. Michael Grzesiek – ($20m)

Our number seventh wealthiest gamer is Michael Grzesiek, his main source of income is reported to be streaming where he receives payment to play videogames from the richest gaming company in the world.

Grzesiek, who is also known as ‘Shroud’ has a net-worth of $20million according to Celebrity Net Worth, and he’s well loved by the fans for how well he’s dominated the PUBG battlefield with his FPS game abilities and knowledge.

Before he retired from CS, GO and switched to Twitch streaming full-time, he had a solid reputation for how well his skill and target in CS and GO is.

As a matter of fact when he quit Twitch after signing an exclusive contract with Mixer to stream Valorant his fans still follows him.

6. Preston Blaine Arsement – ($20m)

Preston Blaine Arsement, who is well-known for his prank videos, Minecraft, and Roblox gaming content is an American gamer and YouTuber with a reported 12million subscribers on the internet.

It’s an understatement to say Preston is one of the richest gamers in the world, because many people enjoys playing Minecraft and as a matter of fact the majority of them are young children with a lots of free time.

Preston makes most of his money from his primary YouTube channel, and it is reported to be making a staggering $14m from the platforms content making him one of the industry’s richest video-gamers across the globe.

5. Evan Fong – ($25m)

Fong also known as ‘Vanoss’ is a Canadian internet personality cum videogame commentator, music producer, and disc-jockey who posts montage-style videos game such as Grand Theft Auto V and Garry’s Mod.

Aside from posting videogames he also produces music and performs as a DJ under the name ‘Rynx’, he also served as a creative director for the videogame called ‘Dead Realm’, voice actor for the YouTube Premium series Paranormal Action Squad and the animated series name Alpha Betas.

Fong who noted he was not exposed to videogames at a young age but did play them here and there, met several other YouTube creators during his early years who later become a regular on his films helped him grow into a better content creator with over 25 million followers and 1.6 billion views to date.

4. Daniel Middleton – ($35m)

Did Middleton deserves to be on the list of wealthiest gamers in the world? Absolutely yes, because he was the highest-paid YouTube star in 2017 according to Forbes with a total earnings of $16.5 million in a single year.

His YouTube account has over 26.5 million followers, 18.6 billion video views, and more than 3,500 videos as at July 2022. Before starting his primary channel in 2012, he first began with a Pokemon channel on YouTube.

In 2015 and 2016 he was named the UK’s favorite tipster at the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards, having been ranked among the top YouTubers in the world by viewership in 2015 plus the amazing Guinness World Records he set for his gaming and presenting skill.

3. Mark Fischbach – ($35m)

Fischbach also known online as Markiplier is an American YouTuber who originally is from Honolulu in Hawaii. He first joined YouTube in 2012 creating a channel under the username ‘Markiplier’ and uploaded his first video content in 2012.

The American is well-known for his gameplay videos of independent and horror games, including Amnesia, The Dark Descent, Garry’s Mod, and Five Nights at Freddy’s series.

His overall earnings on YouTube is reported to be around $14 million, having make himself one of the best YouTuber and video-gamer in the world with his caustic and outrageous reactions making his gaming films more interesting.

2. Tyler Blevins – ($40m)

Tyler Blevins also known ‘Ninja’ by his followers is a legendary gamer who is both adored and feared in the gaming world for his practical skills that allows him to defeat opponents in Ninja fashion.

The second wealthiest video-gamer in the world is a well renowned gamer who his performances in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds propelled him to stardom, where he uses his Ninja techniques to defeat his opponents.

While the success of Fortnite Battle Royale can be said to be the handwork of Blevins where he was estimated to have made close to $10million in 2018, the same year he also became the first PC player to surpass 5,000 Fortnite triumphs.

1. Felix Kjellberg – ($55m)

The number one richest gamer in the world according to Celebrity Net Worth on this list is a Swedish gamer known as ‘PewDiePie’.

Kjellberg is known for his Let’s Play videos and comedic formatted videos which he shows on his YouTube channel where viewers adore his gaming and humorous movie contents, which includes memes, anime, the newest internet dramas, and roast videos.

PewDiePie is a well revered gamer on YouTube having been portrayed in the media as a figurehead for YouTube, particularly in the genre of gaming where he has been reported to have amassed lot of money from.

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