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Twitter Launches ‘Subscriptions’ Feature, Similar to ‘Super Follows’

by NaijNaira
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Twitter Launches 'Subscriptions' Feature, Similar to 'Super Follows'

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Elon Musk recently announced a new feature on Twitter called “Subscriptions,” which he claims will help promote users’ work.

However, this feature is not new and was previously known as “Super Follows,” which provided the same service.

The revenue share model for Subscriptions is the same as Super Follows, with the only difference being that Musk is waiving Twitter’s cut for the first year.

Musk has also changed some eligibility requirements, including lowering the follower minimum to 500 and removing the requirement to tweet 25 times in the past 30 days.

The announcement may be a response to Musk’s feud with newsletter platform Substack, as Subscriptions offer a paywalled content subscription model that competes with Substack.

However, the Super Follows feature was not successful, with revenue totaling only $6,000 in the first two weeks after launch.

A relaunch of the Subscriptions feature may provide a revenue boost, but it may not be enough to make up for Twitter’s lagging subscription numbers and fleeing advertisers.

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