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UK Warship Arrives in Nigeria for Joint Military Exercise

by Thomasina Oseye
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UK Warship Arrives in Nigeria for Joint Military Exercise

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The UK warship HMS Trent has arrived in Lagos, Nigeria to assist the Nigerian Navy in combating illegal activities such as piracy and illicit trafficking.

This visit marks the ship’s second visit to the country, having journeyed from Gibraltar with a team of UK Royal Marines and a surveillance drone.

The mission of HMS Trent is to support West African allies in developing their capabilities to fight crimes at sea and contribute to stability in the wider West Africa region.

Commander Tim Langford, the commanding officer of HMS Trent, expressed his excitement to work with Nigerian counterparts and build on the relationships established during their previous visit.

The deployment of HMS Trent demonstrates the commitment of a globally engaged Britain in addressing shared international security challenges.

The UK considers Nigeria an important defense partner in West Africa, and both countries face common threats that they aim to defeat together to enhance maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea.

The presence of HMS Trent also supports the stability of the region, which sees approximately £6 billion of UK trade passing through it.

The ship’s tasks include training, fostering ties, sharing knowledge, and conducting patrols to increase security in the Gulf of Guinea.


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