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What Can We Expect If Chelsea Sign João Félix Permanently?

by NaijNaira
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What Can We Expect If Chelsea Sign João Félix Permanently

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If Chelsea is able to negotiate successfully with Atlético Madrid, then signing João Félix may prove to be a smart move.

Reports suggest that Atlèti are willing to part with the talented Portuguese international for 80 million pounds.

Thus, it is important to consider the pros and cons of Chelsea making Félix’s transfer permanent.

On the one hand, 80 million pounds represents a hefty price tag and could affect other acquisitions that are intended for this summer’s transfer window.

Meanwhile, Félix has proven himself to be an incredibly dynamic player and could bring real value if he continues his development under Frank Lampard.

Ultimately, it will all come down to whether or not Chelsea considers the young talent worth bringing in at that price.

Pro: Their most talented player

João Félix is undoubtedly the most talented player on the Chelsea roster right now. While he had struggled to find consistency and maintain motivation previously, he has already showcased his immense potential in London with goals, assists, and a range of technical abilities that far outweigh his teammates.

He is a creative threat in the final third and fits Chelsea’s style well. Todd Boehly’s ownership vision involves signing world-class talents who may require development; Félix certainly fits this mission perfectly. So far, it appears that Chelsea have made the right call by signing him up- they have been rewarded with one of Europe’s elite talents.

Con: Not a real 9 or winger

While the Blues do have playmakers and center forward/false-nine types in their current roster like Mykhaylo Mudryk and Christopher Nkunku, they may need more depth in these positions in order to become a top team once again.

As much as they would love to bring on João Félix as an exciting option on the wing, it is important to note that he lacks the desired qualities of filling either role—he is neither a true 9 nor an out-and-out winger.

Pro: This is their chance

Supporters of the move for João Félix tout this opportunity as the best one that Chelsea could hope for, given his talent and the chance to get a discounted fee. The Portuguese youngster is known to be one of the most gifted, left-footed players under 25 years old in the world, yet he’s failed to really flourish at Atlético Madrid since joining them in 2019 for 127.2 million euros.

Chelsea might be able to negotiate that fee down further and potentially get anywhere from a 40-50 million euro discount on Félix – making this their chance to truly capitalize on Félix’s powerful potential.

Con: Still expensive

Though the 80 million pound transfer fee for João Félix may seem small in comparison to his predicted future success and Atlético Madrid’s initial investment, it remains an incredibly high sum of money. To put this into perspective, the same amount was paid by Chelsea for Mykhaylo Mudryk who is two years younger, and significantly more than what they paid for Christopher Nkunku – a much-improved player over the past three seasons with RB Leipzig.

Félix has potential similar to Mudryk and is also on the brink of being sold due to friction between him and Diego Simeone. This means that if Chelsea can’t negotiate their way to a lower price, they are at risk of exaggerating expenses on such an unsure commodity. Thus the question remains: could the Blues find someone better at 80 million pounds or is Félix really their best option for that price range?


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