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Why I have issues with Tinubu – Ex Lagos deputy governor, Ojikutu

by NaijNaira
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Former Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Alhaja Sinatu Ojikutu, has revealed why she has a strained relationship with the President-elect, Bola Tinubu.

Speaking at a press conference held at her residence in Ikoyi, Lagos, Ojikutu said that she had been receiving death threats since Tinubu was elected as President.

She also vowed to renounce her Nigerian citizenship if Tinubu is sworn in as president. Ojikutu explained that her issues with Tinubu began in 2002 when she was the Commissioner of the Federal Character Commission representing Lagos State.

She had presented data that showed that Lagos indigenes were being marginalised in the state.

According to Ojikutu, Tinubu became visibly angry and accused her of playing politics because she was a governorship aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Despite her explanation that she was there to present data, Tinubu insisted that he did not see any data.

Ojikutu said that one of the commissioners then sent a note to Tinubu, which calmed him down, and she was able to present her address.

She said that she did not know that her presentation had a fallout.

Years later, Ojikutu had land allocated to her on Victoria Island, which was later taken over by Governor Michael Otedola, who gave her another land.

When she received the Certificate of Occupancy, she realised that Governor Otedola had changed the land that was given to her.

When she confronted Otedola about it, he promised to talk about it when he returned from a trip but never did.

Ojikutu then found out that the C of O for the land she was given had been revoked.

When she checked the date of revocation, she discovered that it was shortly after the issue between her and Tinubu. Ojikutu said that Tinubu revoked her C of O after their disagreement.

When she approached Oba Akiolu to intervene, he said he did not want to hear anything about her and Tinubu.

Ojikutu said that her recent outcry about her safety following Tinubu’s victory was because she feared that Tinubu might use his position as president to harm her.

She stated that she would renounce her citizenship if Tinubu is sworn in as president.

Tinubu has not made any comments about Ojikutu’s allegations. However, his supporters have dismissed her claims, stating that she is only trying to tarnish Tinubu’s image because she is a member of the opposition party.

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