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Winner of Big Brother Naija, Phyna Rejects New Offers

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Winner of Big Brother Naija, Phyna Rejects New Offers

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Josephine Otabor, also known as Phyna, the winner of the 2022 edition of the Big Brother Naija reality show, has rejected the new offers proposed to her by Multichoice, the show’s organizers, concerning her outstanding prizes. Phyna had previously called out Multichoice Nigeria, claiming that she had not received all the prizes and money promised to her.

The Practitioners of Content Creating, Skit-Making, and Influencers Guild of Nigeria (PCCSIGN) recently highlighted the list of gifts allegedly owed to Phyna by some of the show’s sponsors. The guild urged Multichoice to facilitate the release of the prizes from the sponsors.

After a meeting with Multichoice, Phyna’s legal representative, Olawale Amousa, and the Acting National President of PCCSIGN, Michael Nwabufo, it was revealed that Phyna disagreed with the new offers presented by the sponsors. The statement from PCCSIGN mentioned that an agreement with Pepsi and Unik Soap will be delivered on Friday. However, the proposals from Travelbeta and Quidax Global were rejected.

Regarding the matter of the 1 BTC prize, it was stated that the exchange rate would reflect the 2022 Naira equivalent, amounting to N13 million. However, PCCSIGN and Phyna’s legal representatives declined the offer due to concerns about potential repercussions resulting from Multichoice’s negligence. PCCSIGN insisted that the agreed-upon 1 BTC should be based on the current exchange rate. Multichoice has agreed to further discuss this matter with Quidax Global and provide a response to PCCSIGN and Phyna.

Phyna emerged as the winner of the 2022 Big Brother Naija reality show, defeating more than 20 housemates and claiming the N100 million grand prize along with other gifts.

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