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Wole Soyinka advocates for Nigeria’s breakup as solution to the country’s challenges

by Vicky Oselumese
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Wole Soyinka advocates for Nigeria's breakup as solution to the country's challenges

Renowned Nobel laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka, has advocated for the consideration of Nigeria’s breakup as a potential solution to the country’s challenges.

Speaking at the PUNCH Newspapers’ 50th-anniversary lecture in Lagos, Soyinka emphasized the need for decentralization to bring governance closer to the people, urging leaders to stop taking Nigerians for granted.

In his lecture titled ‘Recovering the Narrative,’ Soyinka expressed support for decentralization, using the term “reconfiguration” instead of restructuring. He highlighted the excuses given by several regimes, such as the fear of collapse and breakup, and urged leaders to confront the issue head-on.

Soyinka pointed out the inconsistency of politicians who advocate for restructuring when out of power but change their stance once in office.

The Nobel laureate stressed the importance of leaders recognizing the necessity and inevitability of decentralization to address pressing issues like security and bring productivity closer to the citizens. He proposed that if the nation is informally breaking up, it should be acknowledged and dealt with directly.

Soyinka suggested that those who do not accept the protocols and principles of the association should be free to leave. Soyinka painted a vivid picture of Nigeria’s current state, describing it as a nation that started as a vast football field but has now shrunk to a ping pong table.

He emphasized that if this reconfiguration would restore dignity to citizens and guarantee their basic needs, then it should be pursued. He concluded with the thought-provoking statement, “Let nations die, that humanity may live.”

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